set a meaningful workout intention get your best figure and more

by monica

are you getting the most out of your body and your time spent exercising?

are you getting the most out of your body and your time spent exercising?

are you getting the most out of your body and your time spent exercising? can you guess my other workout intention?  stay young at heart forever!  that's me trail running and smiling when I was 4. on days like this I feel like 43 going on 4, love that feeling!

Are you content in the body you reside? Are you getting the most out of the body you got? You have the power to control your health, fitness, motivation, and appearance by staying consistent with your health and fitness goals.

But staying consistent with your workout plan to get your best female figure is really the challenge that many women face because for most women exercise has no other purpose than to get you healthy, fit and sexy.

It's easy to skip workouts or not do your best when you exercise if your workouts are mainly motivated by fitness goals vs. meaningful workout intentions or underlying motivations.

What is the difference between a health and fitness goal and a workout intention? A goal is a measurable outcome that you want to accomplish for example:

lose 10-30 pounds of fat
achieve athlete range bodyfat
be fit enough to participate in a race
sculpt a more hourglass looking figure
lose 5 inches from your waist
heal your adrenal fatigue and regain your strength and endurance
lose belly fat and flatten your abs
sculpt a rounder curvier booty
boost endurance to recover faster from chemotherapy or radiation

Health and fitness goals can be measured with weight scales, bodyfat monitors, tape measures, physical examinations, fitness assessments, etc.

A workout intention is something more abstract and more meaningful that is connected to your core values and/or your life purpose. It's what you want to get out a workout other than just health, fitness and a better body.

For some women that's empowerment and inner strength for others it's emotional stability or peace of mind for others it's happiness or excitement and for some it's all those things.

See your workout can get you so much more than a leaner fitter better looking body so why not get the most out of your time spent exercising! As one of my favorite fitness experts told an interviewer "all the really ancient philosophies that still exist today – yoga, tai chi, chi gong, and many of the martial arts with deep spiritual foundations – those were all practices that integrated lifestyle, philosophy, religion, and exercise. They were complete holistic symptoms." Chek.

I have to agree with Chek and wonder why so many women settle for such a limiting exercise experience when they can get so much more out of physical activity.

Not having a workout intention is like not knowing what you want out of life other than to work, eat, sleep and repeat. I didn't have meaningful workout intentions until I started practicing yoga back in 2004 so like many women my exercise became routine, uninspiring and boring. I still exercised consistently but found no pleasure in it which made it hard to train with intensity.

Connecting with my deeper intentions is actually the reason I enjoy exercising as much as I do these days and it's nothing complicated.

Basically what I want most from my training or yoga practice is to feel freedom through movement like I'm a bird soaring through the sky, happy to be alive and with no worries of any kind or as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry author of the Little Prince more eloquently put it "I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things". Obviously flying a plane isn't the same as exercise but you see the connection right. He wanted to experience the same freedom.

I do realize that setting a workout intention is kind of deep and that some people just want to go to the gym and swing weights or pound their bodies on machines but if you think about it, that is the reason so many folks fail to make exercise a habit they truly enjoy. If you like most women struggle with your motivation or your healthy habits I encourage to set meaningful workout intentions that connect with your core values or life purpose or other spiritual goals you have.

Not only will you find exercise more enjoyable but you will get those visible results and your best female figure more quickly and easily.

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