santas sexy body workout and new fitness plan sneakpeek

by monica

Forget about those xmas cookies and treats what Santa really wants is you looking and feeling sexy by the tree and this quick 3 min. routine will definitely help with that.

Santas sexy body workout may look like a fun little dance routine but make no mistake about it this is a challenging total body workout in disguise that burns calories improves endurance total body strength and toning plus targets corset core and booty muscles as well as balance, coordination and agility too.

Workout instructions: There are two ways you can do this 3 min. sexy body workout. You can work each exercise for 1 min. each as a circuit or you can string it together like a dance routine and work it that way for 3 min.

Swivel squat to balance squat - swivel the hips from side to side with arms overhead then with feet together raise heels and squat low until hands touch the floor

Straddle plank to plank knee-in to kneeling hip thrust - from a low squat position kick the legs out to the sides as wide as possible as you bend your arms to lower your body to the floor then contract your abs hard and lift back up into a plank as you slide your feet forward until you end up in a kneeling position with booty resting on heels then thrust hips forward to lift booty off the heels

Twisting reverse lunge - from a deep lunge position rest or hover shin and knee of back leg on floor then quickly come to standing and spin around to the opposite side and continue repeating on same side or alternate sides if you've got good coordination.

This fun little workout is actually a bit of a sneakpeek of a new ybff sexy body fitness plan that's coming very soon!! I mentioned this plan on fb about a month ago but wasn't sure when it would be completed. Looks like Feb. or March at the latest but just wanted to give you an idea of some of the fun & challenging sexy moves I'll be photographing and filming starting in the new year.

If you're a subscriber and you have access to body by burlesque plan it's similar to that just a lot more detailed.

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