Sandbell and sandbag training for a sexy female figure

Sandbags also known as sandbells, bulgarian bags, or training bags are sand filled weights that can be used for a wide variety of dynamic movement patterns that burn tons of fat and calories.  In addition to increased fat burning, strength, endurance and toning results sandbag training keeps your fatloss workouts fun!Here are just a few of the best sandbell exercises plus sandbag tips and options for your female body transformation goals.  

How sandbag and sandbell training boost female fat loss and toning

A sandbell and sandbag is one of the most versatile type of weights ever invented because of the variety of challenging movements that you can do with it:  You can:

  • Lift it and press it like a regular weight but it feels more challenging because the sand inside shifts around creating more instability.
  • Swing it or circle it around you body like a kettlebell providing a wider range of motion to many of your fat burning moves.
  • Toss it or slam it like a medicine ball to ramp up your heart rate without fear of damaging your floors or bruising your body.
  • Place it on your bodyduring a variety of lower body exercises to challenge core balance, core stability and hip stability.
  • Gilde it or slide it like a gliding disc which provides an amazing core and upper body workout.

What type of sand filled weights should you use for sandbag training?

Hyperwear sandbell made of heavy duty neoprene includes internal lining that you can fill yourself with a funnel which cuts down on shipping costs.  These have no handles but are easy to grab, toss, hold, or slam.

Sandbag with handles are empty bags made of military grade canvas or other heavy duty fabric and come with empty sandbags that you fill yourself and insert into the bag, the various handles allow for various grip positions but you can't really toss or slam these.

Sand filled weights with handles come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Some look like neoprene bags others look like neoprene kettlebells and others just look like small balls with a handle like the purple ball I use in many of my videos.  You can't really toss these either but they're great because they are user friendly and don't hurt if you accidentally bump them against your body.

Training bags also called Bulgarian bags are the original sandbag and you can drape them over your body, hold them from the ends or swing them.  They are a bit more versatile than a weight vest  so if you're looking into weights that you can wear then  you might want to consider these.

More sandbag training tips & info

When slamming a sandbell try to aim it at the same spot so you don't lean forward to grab it.  This is easier said than done but once you get this right it makes an awesome sound like the one in my viddy.  When you swing the weight you can hear the sand shifting too.

Don't rush when you're working with sandbags.  You're heart rate will get way up there and you will burn tons of fat even when you do sandbag exercises at a slower to moderate tempo. 

When you swing a sandbell or sandbag keep the weight in your heels and/or contract your deep abdominals to stabilize your low back.  A swing or circular motion around the body originates from the glutes and core not the legs or arms.

If using sandbells be sure to secure the lining tightly so dust doesn't fly out and get into your eyes or hair. You may also want to weigh your sandbell from time to time to make sure it hasn't lost any sand.