sample healthy meals for hourglass waist

by monica

energizing detoxing green smoothie tastes great and shrinks your waist (click pics to see more hourglass body meals))

energizing detoxing green smoothie tastes great and shrinks your waist (click pics to see more hourglass body meals))

energizing detoxing green smoothie tastes great and shrinks your waist (click pics to see more hourglass body meals)) quinoa beans veggie wrap is quick easy and filling cucumber mint coconut/almond milk smoothie, avocado spinach dip, apple nuts raisins greek yogurt, grilled chicken w/broccoli purple potato pancake

When it comes to getting an hourglass waist the typical fitness-chic diet that you read about in fitness magazines/blogs just won't work! Not only does that diet require non-stop eating, it includes too much protein, virtually no vegetables, no fruits, no healthy fats, and is bland as hell.

I tried this way of eating and guess what I got? Bloated, acne, fatigue, dry brittle hair, depression, insomnia and a more rectangular looking waist to go with narrow shapeless hips and a flat chest.

I was still not the average American woman of today who is 5’4″, has a waist size of 34-35 inches and weighs between 140-150 lbs, with a dress size of 12-14 but I was not happy with my body especially considering how much time I was spending exercising!

The truth is that a "figure" diet is an unhealthy unbalanced diet that doesn't exactly get you the sexy female body shape you're after. Here's a sample meal plan taken directly from a figure site:

Meal 1: 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce, 5 egg whites, Cinnamon
Meal 2: 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce, 4 egg whites, Cinnamon
Meal 3: 1 scoop 100% whey protein, romaine lettuce, 1 T balsamic vinegar, 6 oz chicken
Meal 4: 4 oz chicken or rinsed tuna, steamed broccoli
Meal 5: 6 oz white fish or chicken, romaine lettuce, 1 T balsamic vinegar
Meal 6: 1 scoop protein shake later in evening if hungry

That type of diet is for competitive bodybuilders and not for regular women who want to achieve a healthy balanced fit toned sexy body naturally. So what is a good healthy eating plan for a woman who wants to looked lean toned and naturally curvy?

sample hourglass waist sexy female body diet isn't really a diet it's a healthy foods lifestyle:

meal 1: greens smoothie like the one pictured above with fruit/veg chock full of enzymes plus a probiotic greens supplement. This helps your body to detox in the morning when your body is designed to detox and speeds up metabolism and energy levels which boost fat burning throughout the day. (pic 1 - or try these superfood smoothies)

meal 2: more raw veggies with some healthy fats and very small portion of healthy carbs (i.e. quinoa, beans, baked yam or sweet potato, multi-grain or gluten free bread) (pic 2)

meal 3: optional and only if hungry but usually fruit n nut yogurt or raw veggies with hummus or avocado spinach dip or smaller green smoothie (pic 3)

meal 4: more raw and/or cooked veggies, small piece of protein, small portion of healthy carbs (pic 3)

Notice how much more green this diet is (instead of bland beige like figurechic diet). Not only does this way of eating effectively detox your body daily which boosts energy levels, metabolism and fat burning, it's also healthier, more balanced, boosts toning results and beautifies your skin and hair plus shrinks your waist like crazy.

Mine has gone from 29" to 25" (and getting smaller). I also don't have all those health issues I had on figure-chic diet. Try it for yourself for 2 weeks and you will see a visible difference in how your abs, waist body looks plus feel amazing too.

More healthy meals, recipes and tips for a sexy hourglass waist and body are featured in my new ebook corset core hourglass waist coming soon!!

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