rise by lifting others inspiration tip

by monica

Did you catch last week's article on 3 smart strategies for dealing with negative people? Not sure if you noticed but all 3 simple tips suggest turning the spotlight off yourself and onto the other person. Even the third strategy suggests you get 110% on board with criticism to the point of parody.

And as I explained I learned from personal experience (mine and clients I've trained) that this stuff works really well because you're acknowledging the negativity and handling it in a productive way vs. just trying to fight it or ignore it. Avoidance rarely works and usually creates more negativity and stress in your life.

So one thing you can do to take these 3 smart strategies a bit further is to attempt to make people feel as awesome as you feel from your healthy habits. As the saying goes "we rise by lifting others" and this is especially important with negative people.

I realize that it sounds crazy to lift up somebody who's putting you and/or your health and fitness efforts down but it's these people who need what you have the most and when you share that amazing feeling that you're getting from improving your health and fitness it brings more positive energy into the world which decreases the negativity even more. Three easy ways you can do it are:

1. Complement those negative people daily or often. Everybody has good qualities so find them and point out that you appreciate those qualities. You will be amazed at how this can transform a nasty person into a really nice person.

2. Offer to help a negative person with something that will lighten their load. One small act of kindness on your part can really turn a person's nasty attitude around plus it makes you feel great too.

3. Invite negative people into your happy world. Including people and giving them the choice to be a part of something that is awesome breaks down barriers and destroys the illusion (delusion really) that we are separate from each other when we are all so very connected. That person may not want to be part of your world at first but at least you're not excluding them which can shift their mindset.

The more often you can do these the more improvements you'll see in your own life, mind, body, etc. Have you tried these tips or the other three from the article? Let me know what happened in comments...

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