need a Refrigerator makeover?
healthy fridge = hot body!

Focused on the best body makeover exercises and not getting the body you're after?  Maybe it's your refrigerator that needs the makeover first.   As the saying goes "the body doesn't lie" and if you're already doing everything right with your training and you don't have any serious stress hormone issues or postural issues then your problem is most definitely in your fridge or kitchen.

unhappy with your body?  check your fridge

According to some experts and comedians (featured in video here) your "private polar repository" can reveal all kinds of things about you: personality, age, gender, marital status, disposition, habits, hobbies, income and so much more.   

check your fridge questions

Let's get real about what your fridge really says about you by answering 6 quick and simple questions?  Nobody but you has to know your honest answers to these very revealing questions because only you need to fix what's going into your belly so you can start getting the body makeover results you're after.

  • how much processed sugar in food or drink form is in your fridge?
  • how much booze is usually in your fridge daily or on weekends?
  • how many lean protein sources are in your fridge?
  • how much factory farmed meat and dairy chock full of antibiotics and hormones are in your fridge?
  • how many fruits and veggies are in your fridge?
  • how much non-organic produce drenched in hormone disrupting pesticides are in your fridge? 
  • These are really the only questions you need to answer because they reveal whether your fridge is chock full of toxic health foods or cheap convenient highly processed foods that seem healthy but really are not so great for your body.  

    Now if your honest answers  have uncovered your #1 body makeover obstacle is your fridge then don't stress.  An unhealthy fridge is easy to fix if you're willing to start making small changes each week.  Start with the simple tips/articles below.

    what's in our healthy fridge?

    All the pics in this article are some seriously revealing pics of our fridge that were taken just hours before writing this article to illustrate this point beautifully.   Our fridge usually has tons of veggies, fruit, grilled meat leftovers, wild caught fish (defrosting), hormone free yogurt, hummus, whole grain bread, flour tortillas, organic milk, almond milk, organic pb, raisins, coffee and sauces we use in moderation to spice up meals. 

    Our freezer has ice cream and one frozen snack that my son is allowed to eat IF he eats all his veggies at dinner every night.  I personally can't eat ice cream or frozen meals since they both give me terrible stomach cramps.  Our freezer also has a loaf of frozen whole grain bread, frozen pumpkin puree and two shelves stocked full of wild caught venison and rabbit.

    Just a few months ago we actually had this deer's head pictured here in our freezer.  I had a pic of that but now can't find it.  Reason for that is my man of 8 years caught several rabbits and a deer just miles from our home (doesn't get any more wild caught than that). 

    He butchered them in our yard then I helped him sort and bag all the meat which we've been using for grilling or stew (featured in my healthy meals ebooks) and for venison jerky which is pretty amazing (pic here).  He was very proud of his first deer so decided to preserve the deer skull for display on his desk. 

    **Disclaimer:  If you claim to be "paleo" and butchering any animal grosses you out then you're not truly paleo.  Wild caught meat actually takes time and effort to scout, hunt, butcher, store and cook which means that real hunters actually had to supplement their diets with plenty of veggies, fruit, nuts, and healthy grains otherwise they starved.  Real paleo meals aren't as cute as what you see on silly "paleo" blogs but wild caught is way healthier and more humane than the barbaric treatment of animals in confined animal factory operations knows as CAFOs.  And for the record I do not consider myself a paleo eater just a healthy one.