reebok dance ur lead mid review

by monica

I do most of my training barefoot so when it comes to encasing my feet in exercise shoes for workouts or activities that do require fitness shoes, I tend to be very, very picky about what shoes I buy. I actually tried on dozens of trail running shoes before finally settling on the Inov8 which has been my preferred shoe for hiking and outdoor adventures since 2005! Same thing happened when I chose the Adidas Supernova as my crosstraining shoe and the Saucony ProGrid Ride 5 as my walking/sprinting shoes.

My boyfriend and son say I overthink shoes but the truth is that I don't enjoy training in shoes so when I wear them I need them to feel like I'm wearing a shoe that has support but feels like I'm barefoot which is exactly what the Reebok dance ur lead feels like.

Now before I ordered these Reebok dance fitness shoes I had already tried on various dance fitness shoes that disappointed including two Ryka studio shoes that were boxy and awkward as well as the Nike Musique which was hard, stiff, ugly and not supportive (so hard that my feet felt like they were trapped in tight soccer or cycling cleats).

I also considered some dancer brands including Balera, Bloch, Sansha & Capezio but didn't think I really needed a split sole for the types of workouts I would be doing so passed on those options too.

I actually have never owned a pair of Reeboks but tried on the RealFlex and the ZigTech and really liked the feel of those so I decided to take a chance and just order the Reebok urlead mid without even trying them on. I NEVER do that with workout shoes but nobody in our town sells these and Footlocker offers free shipping to the store nearest you and you can return in store if they don't fit so that made it simple for me to order shoes without my usual in store testing antics.

Yeah, I'm that ridiculous person in the store doing workout moves to see if the shoe is gonna work for me. Why not! It's my body and my money right. So anyway here's what I love about the Reebok Dance Urlead Mid:

1. Super soft and flexible but still some arch support for jumping and leaping (love the flex grids on my Inov8 trail shoes and these have em too so was very happy about that).

2. The spin spot works on tile and on our carpet/rugs and allows you to turn and glide easily.

3. The mesh panels along the sides and in front keep your feet from overheating and the faux-leather looking panels are super soft not hard like other shoes I tried.

4. Various colors available so you can make a statement or not. I chose black to go with all my crazy leggings.

5. Mid cut with velcro straps offers extra support around the ankle but isn't constricting like other high tops I've tried.

Here's what I don't love about the Reebok Dance UR lead Mid:

1. The shoe is not bulky or boxy but my feet look big in these. If you have big feet like I do in relation to your height these shoes will definitely make your feet standout (I'm 5'3 and 3/4" and wear a size 8.5 so this bothers me a bit but oh well).

2. If you want to show off the vertical Reebok logo strap in front it's not easy to tuck the velcro behind the logo strip. If you don't care about that you can just velcro over that Reebok strip.

3. Replaced the insoles with better ones without any issues but once I added a padded throlo sock the shoes got a bit tight so keep that in mind if you plan on changing the insoles or wearing thick socks.

Overall it's a great shoe and when I like a shoe I wear it to constantly after getting it which is what I've been doing. I'm so happy with my dance reeboks that I'm thinking of getting the dance urlead low cut in a funkier color. I am curious to see how durable these are if you use them just 2 times a week.

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Mar 05, 2014
Nice review
by: Kashmir

Love your review. There is no store out here that sells these shoes. So i had to buy them on ebay if i wanted them. Thanks to your review i could make the decision. I don't have them yet, but they are on there way;)Can't wait!

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