reduce stress hormones for better body makeover results

by monica

"The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence" Norman Vincent Peale. Plus the better you are at managing your stress the easier it is to get your best body ever.

One of the easiest ways to manage stress is to have a balanced workout plan. Check out my stress relief exercises video where I discuss exactly what that means and be sure to try the simple exercises I'm doing in the video.

Just 5-10 reps of each move then repeat 2-3 more times. I promise you will feel relaxed, tension free and energized after doing this quick and simple circuit. You can do it before or after moderate cardio or combine it with other mobility circuits like the ones in the videos below for a longer stress relief workout.

The tripod twist and alternating side plank are both from Corset Core Hourglass Waist Plan. The circular lunge is actually a combination of various exercises from that plan too. Also if you watch the video until the very end you can see a few of the amazing hikes we are doing next month.

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