Random interval workout:  freestyle interval workout & tips to boost metabolism, motivation and fun!... 

If you follow ybff on instagram, youtube, or fb then you probably saw my latest video of hill sprinting and walking in a snowy winter wonderland.  It was one of the most beautiful videos we've filmed and lots of people on instagram have posted super nice comments about it. The thing about this fun random interval workout is that it wasn't planned at all but that's what made it so effective!!!   

random interval workout outdoors can also be done indoors with rope or stairs or chair...

Our actual plan was to go film drone footage of snowy pine trees and mountainscapes then go find a fun hike to do and maybe take a few pics of yoga poses before heading back home.  The problem was  

we didn't plan this hike very well so we had no idea where to hike and we didn't want to go repeat a bunch of hikes we've already been on so we decided to walk up the icy road that closes in the winter to the top of the mountain where there's a cool lookout and observatory. 

We had driven up this hill to trailhead up there but  had never tried the road workout like many cyclists and runners do in winter and it was super fun because it was 100% improvised.

I've written about this type of random interval workout a couple of other times.  I call it freestyle training because you are free to do whatever the heck you want but really it's called speed play.  I do feel it's important to follow 3 helpful tips if you feel like trying freestyle training:

3 simple random interval workout tips & tricks...

  1. Warm up as long as your body requires.  This can take as little as 10 min. or as much as 30 min.  You'll know when it's time to hit those intervals because you'll feel yourself naturally speeding up and staying there consistently.  When that happens that's when you push to an 8-9 rate of perceived exertion for as long as you can handle.
  2. Push yourself to the point where you are out almost of breathe or feel like your approaching muscular fatigue (but don't get to that point of muscular fatigue).  As you can see in the video that can mean 15-20 seconds or 40-60 seconds.  I had two intervals that were in the first range then 2 that were in the second range and they all felt challenging due to elevation which kept rising.  I'm sure if I hadn't been slacking so much over the holidays on intervals I could push these to 90 or maybe even 160 sec.
  3. Recover only as long as it takes to almost catch your breath.  In other words if you are breathing heavy slow it down to a 5-6 RPE and as soon as you feel like your heart rate is almost down and breathe is almost back to normal hit that interval again for as long as you can push it at an 8-9 RPE.  You don't want to fully recover to a super low resting heart rate otherwise you won't pick up the pace again easily.

freestyle workouts are a fun effective way to boost metabolism & motivation a+ get back on track...

Most of the road up was free of snow and ice but there were some scary patches were we had to walk along the side to avoid falling on our faces which provided a nice core workout.  The distance up was 2.2 miles and we were only going to walk it but as we were going up I started feeling really energized by the beautiful landscape so decided to just do the 4 random intervals of no specific length. 

We didn't have the drone at that point anymore so Justin filmed with his phone and at times ran behind me to catch up.  He hates running by the way but loves a good videographer challenge so that was his motivation.  Mine was turning up my metabolic burn post holiday. 

The main thing with this type of freestyle random interval workout is to listen to your body.  Pay attention to muscle fatigue, breathing, posture, etc.  Pace yourself and you will be able to push sufficiently to get a great workout WITHOUT hurting yourself plus be ready and fired up for more intense structured metabolic training.