Quick detox tips that boost fat burning & your best body results

This is a quick list of ways you can detox your body.  No crazy expensive supplements, multi level marketing products or torturous diets required.  Just little things you can start doing to boost metabolism, fat burning and fitness results for your best female figure.  Eventually I'll post more in depth articles on some of these tips but I have included a few links to other detox related articles I've posted in the past...

10 simple & quick detox tips that are healthy cheap & effective!

1.  Try kombucha tea every couple of days in the morning.  I recently went on a Kombucha tea detox to see if it would help minimize my caffeine habit that I've been trying to kick for years and it helped a lot except I experienced a bit of a healing crisis so if you're going to do this be aware that this can make some of your issues worst for 1-3 days but once this passes you will feel pretty amazing.

2.  Get a deep tissue massage.  Not only is this relaxing but it can release tons of toxins which is why massage therapists always recommend you drink lots of water after a massage.  If you can't afford a massage try rolling on tennis balls or on a foam roller for 10 min. a day for a week.  I promise you will feel like toxicity is being rolled out of your body.  Check out my stress management exercises article for a quick foam roller routine video.

3.  Increase your purified water intake to nearly double what you're already having for a few weeks.  So if you already drink 8 cups of water a day then increase to 16 or if you drink 64 oz a day increase to a gallon.  As my favorite holistic health expert Paul Chek says "dilution is the best solution for pollution".

4.  Replace a high dairy, high protein, high starchy carb breakfast with a green smoothie instead.  I've written tons about superfoods smoothies in the past and shared many recipes on the site, in ybff ebooks and on ybff social feeds so be sure to check those out if you need quick detox smoothie recipes.

5.  Try intermittent fasting.  I haven't tried this in quite a while but as you know I was a huge fan of this about a year ago because it works to minimize the load on your kidneys and liver.  It also helps you gain a new perspective on portion control.

6.  Increase your sweat factor.  If it's possible to sweat more during your workout WITHOUT dehydrating yourself then do it!  Sweating is one of the best ways to get toxins out of your body fast.  But if doing it with exercise isn't an option try 5 min. in the sauna for quick detox results.

7.  Eat organic!  It's a known fact that the best quick detox diet is a diet filled with nutritious and chemical free food.  When your body has all the nutrients it needs to digest and function properly it becomes very efficient at releasing toxins on a daily basis.  Tons of healthy foods and meal ideas here.

8.  Ban alcohol for a while.  If you indulge in alcohol a few days a week like many of my clients do and like I do then try deleting alcohol calories for at least 14 days preferably 21 days.  If you're accustomed to wine or spirits as a relaxation tool be sure to find other ways to relax which makes this quick detox tip easier to follow.

9.  Turn off all the noise in your life.  Get off fb, pinterest, instagram, your cell phone.  Turn off the t.v., music, constant news updates and anything else that constantly over-stimulates your brain.  Allowing your mind to rest allows your body to use energy for detoxing and other metabolic functions.  More on how social media is bad for you here.

10.  Avoid toxic environments, people, activities, products even if it's just for twenty four hours.  Giving your body a rest from every form of toxicity can really help eliminate the stress fat.  Just one day of not dealing with things that assault your mental emotional and physical well being could make all the difference.  Try this at least once a month and if possible once a week.