best quick bodyweight workout for fat burning, booty, core & more

Life can get hectic especially when work or school gets intense, or you have special events going on, or the holiday gatherings and obligations begin to mount.  Without a quick bodyweight workout strategy it can be too easy to skip your workouts which can leave you feeling defeated and guilty.  So what is a good quick workout strategy that  is simple and still gets you great results? 

The answer to that is my 4 minute best hiit workout for women wanting a sexy booty, slim core and plenty of endurance and strength to tackle every day life!  Just get started with the video below and be sure to read the tips for more helpful advice.  Need more quick exercises and quick workouts for rapid fatloss?  Be sure to get started with Bodycon Female Fitness plan.

best quick bodyweight workout for fat burning, booty, core & so much more

Want to know a secret?  My life has been so hectic for the past 2 months that I have not had time for a workout longer than 20 minutes.  I teach 3-4 one hour long classes per week plus was rehearsing choreography and stretching for several hours a day to prepare 5 burlesque acts for various shows in and out of town.  I've also been training clients, have a family and new doggie to take care of, so my time has been very limited.

 BUT I wasn't going to let any of that be an excuse for not staying on track with my body type workout goals so I came up with the 4 min. quick bodyweight workout solution in the video below.  The video has tons of tips and is under 2 min. but if you keep reading I share even more tips on how to use this quick hiit workout below...

quick bodyweight workout instructions & tips

1.  super quick option:  If you have less than 10 min. to spare do any type of warmup for 3 min. with jumping jacks, run in place high knees, jump squats etc. then do the bodyweight hiit workout in the video for 4 min. then stretch for 3 min.    Believe it or not this is better than doing nothing because it keeps your metabolism switched on until you can get back to your regular workouts.

2.  ideal quick option:  This option would be the ideal way to do this workout because it allows for more rounds which burns more fat and trains the booty harder.  Warmup for 4 min. then hiit the intervals for 4 min. then take 1 min. break then hiit the intervals again for 4 min. then grab a booty band and do any type of booty band exercises like the ones in the video in my sexiest female figure tips article I uploaded for about 3 min.  then stretch for 4 min.  Do not skip the stretching especially if you plan on hitting it hard again a few more times throughout the week.  Stretching speeds recovery and prevents tight sore muscles that can cause posture imbalances that lead to injuries.

3.  quick add on option:  This option is great if you are in need of other types of less intense training such as Pilates or yoga or dance.  Warmup for 2 min. then do the hiit workout for 4 min. then continue with your longer moderate workout.  This is the option I've been using to say lean on days when dancing for 3 hours and stretching for an hour has taken up all my time.