quick intensity workout and feather boa booty core moves

by monica

This quick intensity workout can be done as a butt/leg workout, total body strength workout, moderate intensity cardio workout or high intensity fatloss workout. It can also be combined with the feather boa booty core moves. Here's why it's called the 5x5x5 workout.

5 exercises 5 ways to do it up to 5 rounds

option 1: Do it just like in the video 15 reps of all 5 exercises (14 or 16 reps on exercises that involve switching hands just to keep it even) for 5 total rounds. Great booty and leg workout in 20 min. with a bit of core arms and shoulders too.

option 2: 15 reps of all 5 exercises using moderate weight plus 2 recovery booty/core exercises (anything kneeling or laying on floor works). Repeat 2-4 more times for killer leg booty core workout.

option 3: 15 reps of all 5 exercises with moderate to low weight at a very fast tempo for up to 15 min. so you may get 4 rounds or 3 it depends on your fitness level. Great quick fat burning cardio option.

option 4: 15 reps of all 5 exercises then add 1 type of row and 1 type of core move and repeat 2-4 more times for an awesome total body workout.

option 5: 15 reps of all 5 moves up to 3 times then follow it up with 5-10 min. of feather boa booty core moves as many of them as you like for as many reps and sets as you like.

This is just 5 options of many others I came up with and that I show you how to come up with yourself in all YBFF plans so you can always customize everything to your needs your preferences and most importantly your body type and body goals!

Got questions? Need ideas for exercises to add or modify? Ask me in comments :)

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