quick and intense workout motivation tips

by monica

Make it quick and intense 3-4 days a week if you want to lose the fat faster. Here's how I did that the last two days and what I'll be doing the rest of the week so you can see what I mean.

Monday: Had zero motivation to workout because I had been struggling with page edits all day on my other site but the Pointer Sisters & Hugh Grant took care of that.

Tip: Always watch or play something upbeat that makes you feel good before a workout. Boosting feel good endorphins is a good way to boost motivation and prepare for quick intense exercise like Monday's workout:
5 min. warmup
30 min. circuit
modified pushup to alternating single leg side plank
run in place high knees or heels to booty
tripod twist to alternating single leg single arm downdog
reverse lunge with hop knee in (*forgot to post this move to fb)
sandbell pile driver squat
squat thrust to alternating twisting lunge
suspension trainer inverted row
lateral leap to curtsey lunge (sandbell or bodyweight)
4 rounds in under 30 min. for time or reps
5 min. cooldown(video of this workout coming soon).

Tuesday: Energy levels and motivation super high today so was able to do 3 circuits of each of the first two workouts below plus 1 round of last workout in under 30 min. Warmup up took 5 min. and stretching took another 10 min. So entire workout took 45 min.

Placed one foot on stability ball and a medicine ball for single leg hip extensions which was much harder. Medicine ball worked better yesterday. Tip: You can modify anything to make it work for your body or just work for you that day.

Used mega medicine ball and switched my feet to wider plie stance for the balance squats. Was may more challenging and fun : ) Tip: Workouts should be fun not just torture.

One excellent round of this including tabata style twisting lunge jumps was more than enough after 6 lower body circuits. Tip: Only do as much as your body needs. More isn't better. Better is better.

Here's what I'll be doing the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Going to a wedding at 5 so just gonna do some yoga mid morning. Nice break from the last two days. Hopefully we'll be doing some dancing. Justin is in the bridal party and has threatened to bust out into Gangnam style as a joke. I'll believe it when I see it : )

Thursday: Repeat of Monday but going to try to cut 5 min. off my circuit workout time.

Friday: Similar to Tuesday but switching up some of the lower body circuits.

Saturday: Similar to Monday but with brand new cabaret cardio workout which I'm finally filming for you.

Sunday: 5-6 mile walk plus 40 min. flow yoga.

Should your workout week look like this? That depends on your body type, your goals, your time limitations, your fitness level, etc. The trick to getting your best body fast is to get on a workout plan and workout schedule that is right for your body type. More on that in Your BFF Plan.

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