puma geotech aya shoe review

by monica

If you've watched my last few videos then you've probably seen my new yellow and aqua workout sneakers that I got for days when my feet need protection or on days when I walk lots of miles after my circuits.

These shoes are actually running shoes that feel like minimalist cross training shoes. Like my Reebok dance ur lead mid that I reviewed a while back, I ordered these online (this time from DSW which offers in store returns).

No reviews exist for this shoe which is why I'm writing the first one but my son recently got a pair of Puma mobium running shoes for track and field and loved them so figured I would take a chance with Puma too.

Here's what I love about these shoes:

1. They feel like you're barefoot which you know from watching my videos is how I workout most of the time. They also have a barefoot feel when I wear them for walking which is great even on 9 mile walks.

2. The colors are fun and clash with everything so when you wear them for walking outdoors cars see you coming which is great if you need to cross busy streets. They come in 6 color combos most of which are very bright and colorful.

3. The soles are super soft and bendy so there is no breaking in required and you can wear them around the house to clean and they feel like slippers. You can also wear them to run errands and they add a fun element to skinny jeans or printed pants or leggings.

Here's what I don't love about these shoes:

1. They run slightly short. I have a neutral normal width foot so was surprised that the fit wasn't as normal as all my other workout shoes but they don't really crowd my toes which is why I decided to keep them. I actually have another pair of black Puma sneakers that I've worn in videos from time to time and those fit perfect so it must be this style of puma that runs short.

2. They have zero arch support so feel fine when doing squat thrusts, ballet squat jumps, low lunge jumps or run in place high knees but not so great for exercise straps jump squat rows that I do on tiled floor or any type of high impact jumps or stair sprints.

3. The toe box feels a bit wide which is odd considering they run short. I don't think sizing up would make any difference with either length/width issues. These are my only 2 issues with these shoes and it looks like my son's Puma mobium running shoes have the same wide/short toe box but like me he has no issues with toes feeling crammed and loves his pumas.

Overall I would recommend this shoe for circuit workouts and walking but probably not for long distance running if you need lots of support. You may want to try it before buying to make sure it fits or at least order from an online store that has free returns. Puma does make an actual cross trainer that looks very similar to this shoe. When I'm ready to replace these shoes I may try that one next.

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Aug 08, 2014
more reasons puma geotech aya shoes are the best
by: monica

I'm usually in heels or barefoot (rarely anything in between) but lately I've been wearing the puma geotech aya shoes a lot even for non impact workouts. I got these shoes some time in May and the longer I have them the more I want to wear them. Here's why:

1. Even though these puma shoes are meant for running they are super flexible so I've been doing mobility exercises and flow yoga poses in them while waiting for clients at the studio. I've also been wearing them to walk/sprint at the park with my new dog who is a maniac that loves to run at top speed. I wouldn't be surprised if these worked for dance fitness too : )

2. These are the first pair of running shoes that have not formed calluses on my big toes when worn for extended periods time (more than 1 hour) so I've also been wearing them for extra cushioning while working at my standup desk that's set up on hard tile floors.

3. Since these feel like you're barefoot they are great for transitioning out of high heels. These really are the only workout shoes I have owned that feel comfortable on right after wearing a pair of 4" heel all day.

This is probably one of the best workout shoes I've tried so I'm considered 3 other puma styles to review including:

faas 300 v3
mobium xt graphic
narita v2

I'll post a review if I end up getting a new pair.

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