Highly evolved primal exercises based on primal pattern movement fitness + the truth about the primal diet

Primal Pattern Movement is a sophisticated system of complex movement that coincides with Richard Schmidt's theory or generalized motor programs.  It has very little in common with the primal fitness fad and ironically there is nothing primal about it.

Unlike caveman fitness that simply suggests you "sprint, lift heavy things and move frequently", primal pattern movement is a highly evolved system of motor learning that top conditioning experts all over the world use to train world class athletes.  It's also what every bff exercise circuit and workout plan is based on. 

Here's what you need to know about complex movements based on primal patterns  that will help you lose the fat faster and get fitter than you ever imagined...Plus videos with tons of tips to improve each movement pattern.

7 primal exercises based on primal pattern movement for your best female figure

According to functional fitness experts there are 7 primal movement patterns that you needed to survive back in caveman times including:  squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist and gait,  featured in the 7 workout videos below. 

Paul Chek, internationally renowned expert in corrective and high performance exercise kinesiology, who trademarked Primal Pattern in 2003 explains that "the selective pressures of evolution must have resulted in an anatomy that was specifically designed to meet the demands made by nature...if one could not twist, pull, lunge, bend, squat and push from the standing position or could not effectively ambulate (gait) then chances for survival would dwindle severely." 

So how can primal exercises help you in a world that does not require us to hunt, gather and fend off dangerous predators and most importantly how can it help you burn more fat and get fitter? 

The quick and simple answer is that your body combines primal patterns into more complex movements required for sports, physical jobs, modern dance or any modern day physical activity that involves strength, endurance (both cardio and muscular), flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, power. 

The evolution of primal movement  

Your body also combines primal movements into more complex movements for modern day tasks like carrying a heavy laundry basket up and down a flight of stairs,  lifting a baby or sleeping child out of the backseat of a car, or helping a disabled friend or relative in and out of a bed/wheel chair/shower .  

So primal exercises aren't a style of training primal is actually basic motor learning that evolves into advanced movements like what you see in all the videos here. 

The theory of motor learning programs is that the brain does not have the capacity to store the countless motor programs for every single movement you can perform.  To put this into perspective think about every single action you take in just the first hour after you wake up.

Sit up and get out of bed, step over dog/cat, walk to bathroom, bend over to turn on shower, step into shower, lift arms overhead to shampoo hair, etc. etc.  Your brain doesn't store each and every single action for every single situation in your life.  Instead it holds generalized motor programs that your body "effectively compounds to create other more complex movements"  Chek. 

The difference between "primal fitness" and primal exercises based on primal pattern movement...

All the movement videos on this page are examples of basic primal movements that have evolved into more advanced movement patterns.

So evolution (progression) is the main difference between primal movements cavemen needed to survive vs. complex movement for our highly evolved lifestyles.  

Is the primal diet really the best way to eat for your best female figure?

Contrary to what you hear everywhere the primal diet is not the optimal human diet and it does not guarantee health and effortless weight loss, fat loss and/or improved fitness levels.  The idea that all humans thrive on the same style of eating is as silly as the idea that fad primal exercises are the only types of exercise you need.

"The idea, so often quoted, that some species are perfectly adapted to their environment is wrong. Both the environment and the genes are always drifting to some place else and there is no diet that would be evolutionarily correct." explains evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk author of Paleofantasy.  

Check out her video here for more about why Paleo may not be the answer to all your health or fat problems.

If you're looking to speed up your female fat loss try the more evolved way of eating called bio-compatible eating, that top holistic and health experts are recommending but that will take years to become mainstream (kind of like paleo took years to become mainstream).  Bio-compatible eating is also known as metabolic typing and unlike paleo dieting this ALWAYS gets results.