post natal fitness for abdominal separation

by Michelle

I bought your bff plan around two years ago, but got pregnant with my 4th baby before I really got time to do the workouts. My baby is now 3 months old and I would like to get going again. I lost my files when the screen stopped working on my phone(for the second time), so I'm hoping you can send them to me again. My full name is Michelle Bradbury.

I also want to know what exercises to avoid with an abdominal separation. I've had it since my first baby 11 years ago,I know it may never go back, but I'd like to get my waist smaller without hurting myself. I'm 5'4", 122 lbs, my waist is 26.5", my hips are 36".

Before I got pregnant my waist was 23", do you think it's possible to get anywhere near that again? I don't want to lose my hips either, something I struggle with if I lose too much more weight. Oh, and I'm nursing and running after a toddler all day.

Thanks for any help and advice in advance,

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ybff fitness plans and recommendation
by: Monica

Yes it's totally possible to get an even better body than you had before babies. I've done it and I've seen many other women do it so anything is possible if you're willing to commit to consistent training that is right for your body type and to an eating plan that optimizes your unique metabolism.

As far as diastisis recti goes I'm sorry but I am not familiar with how to train women who have this particular issue but I do know that planks crunches and very very heavy weight training that requires a lot of core stability is not recommended because it can create more separation issues.

There is a great resource over at that covers this topic in great detail and offers lots of great tips I suggest you go read that extensive article before starting ANY post pregnancy fitness plan.

I emailed you the files for all the plans you purchased but would recommend you skip corset core and ybff until you are fully healed from diastisis recti to avoid any complications. I think Love Your Booty would be o.k. in your case and will help you burn excess fat plus get your figure back as long as you use moderate weight.

I sent files in two separate emails so be sure to check your inbox for two emails.

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