positive reinforcement vs. negative reinforcement fitness motivation tip

by monica

focusing on your healthy behaviors more = more healthy behaviors

focusing on your healthy behaviors more = more healthy behaviors

Ever notice how women spend a ton of time stressing about or beating themselves up mentally & physically for skipping workouts or for bad food days? The smarter thing to do is to pay more attention to your super healthy food days and to your awesome workout days. Start to become more aware of how you feel on your best workout/eating days and the mornings after.

According to psychologists focusing on your positive behaviors is the key to more of those behaviors.

The pic here is what a super healthy eating day looks like for me (yours might look totally different based on your metabolic type):
breakfast: superfoods wrap
lunch: green tea greens protein smoothie
snack: 1/2 cup of pineapple w/yogurt walnuts
dinner: 4 oz venison steak and another superfoods wrap w/more veggies less quinoa/beans no cheese

Need smarter healthy eating tips. Check out clean eating tips for a lean toned body.

The total body workout below completed in under 20 min. (with very advanced modifications on a few exercises) plus 20 min. of Shiva Rea flow yoga for energy is what a great workout day looks like for me but some days I can't do all that so instead of skipping my workout entirely I focus on what I can do i.e. 15 min. of fat burning and 10 min. of stretching. Not only does this keep me consistent but it burns more fat than doing nothing and keeps me focused on positive actions vs. negative failure mindset.

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