positive mindset yoga challenge and Buddha hat

by monica

If you're like many women I teach or train who struggle with negative mindset before during or after workouts then this positive mindset yoga challenge is ideal for you. Just try some of the poses in my yoga video as you focus on the 9 positive mindset tips below which I also shared in the video

1. Be authentic and honor your body and how it wants to move. We are all different and our bodies are unique in how they look and how they move.

2. Let your body set the pace and allow your yoga practice or workout to happen how it wants to without forcing things. Your body will tell you when to take it to the next level if you listen.

3. Strive for progress instead of perfection. As the saying goes "have no fear or perfection, you'll never reach it". We are forever changing and improving so perfection isn't really attainable.

4. Connect your mind with how your body is moving and what muscles are working and how you're breathing. Don't just zone out; zone in and be present mind body and soul when you train.

5. Don't be a hater of any exercise or pose or workout, if something doesn't work for you find a similar variation and maybe one day you'll come back to the original move and like it.

6. Have patience and laugh at yourself if you fail. Fitness is fun and can be used as a form of stress relief, mental and emotional growth as well as an outlet for creativity. Movement isn't just a way to look good it's essential for survival and an expression of our personality.

7. Be kind to yourself. If you are training consistently you are doing better than most people. Remember that "You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." Buddha.

8. Surrender to the present moment and acknowledge that you can't always control everything. Accept what you can't change and work to improve what you can. This is so important for those who have a bad relationship with their body type :)

9. Don't get attached to the outcome or the result. When you don't expect or demand that things turn out a certain way life often surprises you and rewards you with an even better outcome and results than you imagined possible!

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