planks for fatloss flat toned abs and hourglass waist

by monica

5 fun planks that slim your waist

5 fun planks that slim your waist

The plank is one of the best core ab exercises that strengthens your corset muscles but if you really want to burn belly fat, get rid of muffin top, sculpt flat toned abs and a slim waist you must get busy with more advanced planks that challenge your transversus abdominis (tva/deep abs) which slims your waist faster than most of those old school waist exercises, waist slimmer belts, and shapewear combined.

The pic here features 5 of my favorite planks that have helped me get a smaller waist. Not only do these work better than most traditional ab exercises they are way more fun and they target your butt and upper body plus burn fat too. From top left clockwise:

1. spiderman plank to single leg downdog is so fun and going from knee outside of elbow all the way up to single leg downdog targets various ab muscles (tva, rectus, and obliques) and burns tons of fat

2. alternating side plank knee in really challenges your balance so your tva works extra hard to stabilize and to tighten that waist like a corset

3. swinging plank is like a face down reverse crunch that targets all your ab muscles and because it's a twisting motion it also improves digestion/detoxing which boosts 24/7 fat burning

4. gliding disc plank to pike works all your ab muscles and challenging your endurance which boost fat burning

5. lateral plank hop feels like kid play but burns tons of fat while strengthening your tva and obliques

All these planks are from my new ebook corset core hourglass waist plan, coming soon!!

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