plaid trend sexy style and boost body confidence tip

by monica

The plaid trend is back with a vengeance this fall and if you would rather style it like a sophisticated sexy female vs. a grungy nerdy girly then you've got plenty of options for your unique female body type.

If you want to look more sexy in plaid check out some of the pics I posted on your best female figure fb of celebs like Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Lucy Liu, Rashida Jones, and Jessica Alba just to name a few. These women look sexy in plaid and you can too no matter what body type you have.

Like your workouts clothing can improve your body shape if you know how to use them. As you can see in my pics I styled my plaid various ways to show you how easy it is to show off or hide your body type or create the illusion of a smaller waist or bigger or smaller booty or bust etc.

Dressing right for your body type boosts body confidence in the same way that training right for your unique body type boosts your body confidence because it empowers you to take control of your body shape.

Dressing for the body you have is exactly what stylists always tell women and is exactly the same as learning to customize your workouts to your unique female body shape and your unique goals. You will get better results from both and feel better about yourself instantly because you know that you're doing what is best for you and not what works for some other body type.

Body confidence is actually one of the most unexpected bonuses that I got (and that all my female clients get) from learning how to train right for my body because you stop obsessing about what you don't have and instead start focusing on what you can have and how much better your unique body type can look.

If you're low on body confidence right now the best thing you can do for your self esteem and your body transformation is to dress right and train right for the body you have right now. The self esteem boost happens right away which motivates you to keep doing what's right until you have the best body you can have.


1. high waist pencil skirt w/belt F21, long sleeve crop top ASOS, plaid coat (vintage belonged to my mom), cage high heels DSW

2. plaid sweater leggings only leggings, argyle sweater NY&CO, red patent leather slingback heels Jessica Simpson

3. faux leather pencil skirt The Limited, grey plaid shirt F21, ankle strap peep toe wedge DSW

4. A line skirt and purple plaid shirt Target, ankle strap peep toe wedge DSW

5. plaid pants Target, studded collar sheer blouse F21, cage high heels DSW

6. super short plaid cheerleader skirt from Yandy - I would never wear this skirt in public and actually got it for sexy night in with my man of 7 years. He loves it when I put it on and dance around for him like the girls in the video. You gotta keep your relationship interesting or it dies!

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