Petite short waist inverted triangle cone shape tips?

by Kerry

Do you have any suggestions for inverted triangle/cone shape with a short waist AND petite women? I'm 43 and have never been too heavy but at 5 feet tall and 113 pounds now I feel a bit pudgy. I'm also noticing flabby arms as I get older but worry about getting too bulky in my upper body.

I've slacked a bit with weight training but walk a lot and swim (light activity) a few times per week. I also do brief leg toning videos after squats. I'd love any tips, thanks!

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May 16, 2015
the classic petite fat gain issue
by: monica

Hey Kerry thanks so much for posting your question. I've answered questions about the cone triangle upper body bulking issue before but yours is slightly different because you are petite and from your post it sounds like you've never really had to worry about weight gain.

So one of the things that happens in your 40s is that your hormones start shifting big time and they can start depositing fat on areas of your body where you are predisposed to gaining fat even if you never had fat there before.

Because you are triangle/cone the area most likely to get fat deposits is your upper body but it can also trickle down to the back and waist if you are not careful so it's good that you are seeking solutions now and not in your 50s when the entire torso tends to expand like crazy for most women. I have ruler and cone clients in their 60s who were always rail thin and now are having a very hard time with massive amounts of belly fat back fat and arm fat.

So one of the solutions happens to be right there in your question. You mentioned that you've been slacking on weights and as you probably know weight training is key to maintaining muscle as we age. Muscle loss = slower metabolism and increased fat gain because of all the hormonal changes that begin to happen. Lifting weights counteracts that big time especially when you do metabolic style workouts.

So if you want to keep that upper body lean what you need fatloss workouts that target every inch of your body (including upper) 1x per week PLUS an upper body circuit 1x per week. When you do metabolic exercises on a regular basis with moderate amounts of weight you burn the fat, boost metabolism and build strength and muscle WITHOUT bulking up anywhere.

If you've never had a history of bulking up you really have nothing to worry about by following the cone workout blueprint/circuits in your best female figure plan. I've personally noticed that when I slack on upper body even if I am doing metcon weekly my arms start looking thicker and less toned so about 10-20 min. of metcon 1x per week plus 15-20 min. upper body 1x per week is really the best solution and that still leaves time for all your other lower body and cardio workouts. I explain all this in ybff workout plan if you need more guidance on how to plan your weekly workout routine.

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