orange is the new black style trend

by monica

click pics to enlarge and read captions

click pics to enlarge and read captions

click pics to enlarge and read captions has a fun write up on orange is the new black if you want to see more dresses like this one. Even though it's black the sheer panels feel more revealing than my other LBDs so had to get this.  Every dress I bought in past few years is black or brown or grey.  The orange really stands out ha ha.

I always wanted to be one of those women who could feel body confident in a vibrant color dress but the sad truth is that I've always relied on the LBD to hide my body insecurities.

The few times that I dared to buy anything other than black I regretted it greatly and felt incredibly self conscious the entire time wearing colorful dresses so after one wear I would sell or donate the dress and vow not to step out of my comfort zone again.

This was not an issue for me when I was young but became a huge issue for me post pregnancy and throughout my 30s when my body image and body confidence was at it's worst.

The little black dress became my safe and easy way to look/feel good for a special occasion but deep down I always wanted to wear something more vibrant. So you can imagine my joy when I finally tried on orange and black H&M dresses as well as bright blue BEBE bodycon dress (pics above) and I preferred the orange and blue over the black. I ended up getting the orange and black from H&M. Unfortunately BEBE was out of my size in the blue dress which was my absolute favorite!

But I LOVE my new orange LBD (little bright dress) so much more because of the body confidence I feel since I've been training right for my body type and my body goals which have less to do with looks and more to do with living my best life.

I guess to me a bright color dress says I feel great look at me and for years I was totally not feeling that. I just wanted to cloak my body and my insecurities in the darkness of black but I'm so happy to share that is no longer the case.

So really the point of this orange is the new black dress story is that when you do what is best for your body you finally start getting exactly what you want from your time spent exercising which is to stop feeling insecure and feeling like you have to hide and to show the vibrant woman you really are!

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