one leg downdog kickback a must for your best female figure and a must to do it correctly...

The one leg down dog kickback is a must for your best female figure.  Not only does this dynamic exercise burn tons of fat and calories while core and shoulder stability and toning your arms, it also increases glute activation boosts booty building and slims your waist BUT only when performed correctly! 

Are you doing the one leg down dog glute kickback right or wrong like most youtubers?

I really wish I could share some of the terrible examples I saw on youtube of people just screwing up this exercise in various ways that basically leads to shoulder injuries and is great for building a wide back thick core and flat butt (which I know you don't want) BUT I'm gonna make an example of anybody.  

What I will share is the key thing NOT to do when doing this exercise which is push back using your hands and arms.  Wait what?  But that's exactly what it looks like you're doing you protest!

Yes at first glance transitioning from a plank knee-in to one leg down dog kickback looks exactly like a pressing motion but is in fact a lifting motion 

that comes from the transversus abdominis (deep abs also knowns as your corset muscles).  It also targets the entire back, glute muscles, hamstrings and calves.   So if you're doing this exercise correctly your entire back side and deep abs are doing most of the work while your upper body is really just supporting and doing stabilization work.

**If you feel like all the work is in your upper body then you're doing it wrong and the best way to fix it is to just do the very beginner version in YBFF plan which does not involve planking or walk outs or anything other than what you see in pic at the start of this article.

one leg downdog kickback has endless variations

Once you perfect the one leg down dog kickback you can progress to the endless number of variations featured in all YBFF plans some which I have featured often on youtube instagram and facebook including:

  • alternating mountain climber to one leg down dog kickback
  • gliding lunge to plank glute kickback
  • quad squat sit thru to table top glute kickback or to scorpion press
  • suspended lunge to plank with scorpion glute kickback
  • revolving updog to one leg downdog kickback (video here)
  • stability ball single leg knee in to kickback
  • Soooo many other moves such as advanced yoga arm balances as well as advanced Pilates band and ball inversions are progressions of the basic one leg downdog kickback as well because once you learn how to pike your body using your core and your back the limitations you feel with complex movement begin to fade fast and that's when you really start to get super fit and super sexy!