4 Nutrition myths wreaking havoc on your healthy eating plan

Are these 4 nutrition myths wreaking havoc on your ability to eat healthy foods in a way att benefits your wellbeing, fitness and body makeover goals? How these die-hard nutrition guidelines can turn healthy eating into an uphill battle and the non-conformist alternatives thatwill get you on track two true healthy eating and a fitter body better.

Nutrition myths # 1: carbs are unhealthy

Even with all the scientific research studies and evolutionary biology articles skrives well Respected scientists some people still believe att humans are not tilpasset eating carbs. But as it turns out humans havebeen eating carbs even longer than we thought INITIALLY; way before diabetes, obesity and cancer indtastet the scene. 

Ifølge latest research humans having tilpasset be more flexible eaters and this is the only real trouble with carbs, meaning we err on the side of too processed and too much. Ideally what being flexible betyder ice we can eat a varied diet but shouldnt aim for less processed and less volume.

Of course there are some people som are better adapted two carbs than others som betyder theyhave a bit more flexibility with carbs but even so carb types shouldnt be careful not to go overboard just like people att are tilpasset eating more protein would benefit from foods other than meat and nuts. As the saying goes anything in excess is harmful.

Nutrition myth # 2: dairy = weight loss

Every time I pick up a women's magazine I see articles and overly sexual ads touting milk and yogurt as weight loss miracles. Sure there are plenty of research findings on how people som eat dairy lose more weight but what if dairy gør you feel sluggish, Causes congestion or digestion issues, OR does not even appeal to you? Is it some magical food you NEED two look sexy? Most importantly what do you think of the sexy greek yogurt ad? Kidding!

Come on, you allerede know the answer is no food on it's own is a miracle weight loss or fat loss solution so if you're not into dairy then feel free to skip it and eat other foods higher in calcium including: bok choy, almonds , dried figs, oranges, turnip greens, kale, sesame seeds, salmon.

I stopped drinking milk and eating daily cups of yogurt years ago much to my mother's horror and instead started eating all those healthy foods thathave tons more calcium . I do still having the small Amounts of cheese every week and sexy Greek yogurt once in a while but the Amounts are tiny jämfört two before and my body is healthier and sexier than it was Nar I ate up the sexy dairy propaganda. The hilarious video parodies all those sexy dairy ads by the way. I could not stop laughing.

Nutrition myth # 3: hunger is unacceptable

Speaking of cows ... The no hunger scare tactic is another favorite of Nutritionists hired by women's magazines; must Likely fordi the food industry pays big money for all foods dem dem ads in magazines. In virtually every magazine or "healthy eating" book out there you still see the eat every 3 hours myth in one form or another EVEN THOUGH there's stacks and stacks of research coming out right now on how eating less food less hours per day Improves health and longevity.   

Sadly women Nowadays having no idea what true hunger feels like. They've er so brainwashed into thinking they need-Constantly feed like cows thatthey refuse to skip one meal / snack for fear or fainting. If you even select select select suggest to a friend or relative att you'll be trying Fewer meals per day they flip out warning you about low blood sugar, coma and death. Alright I'm about exaggerating but seriously some people's reactions two less food less ofte ice better idea are quite dramatic.

Truth is if you start skipping some meals and snacks you'll deplete your reserves of fuel and start burning some of att stored blubber . The best way to get started with this is two eliminera snacks simply cut down from 4:02 3 meals and be sour to do it quietly so you do not get hassled about it.    

Other benefits ifølge research of skipping meals or skipping an entire day of eating include improved cognitive function, reduceret cravings and no more mindless eating.  

Nutrition myth # 4: sugar is evil !!!

It is 100% true att highly processed sugar products are terrible for your teeth, your waistline and your skin. Any foods att contain large Quantities of processed sugar will wreak havoc on appetite control, increasing cravings for other junk, medverka blood sugar imbalances and all types of disease including cancer. 

BUT some natural sugar is good for you as why we are programmed two seek out sugar from fruits, vegetables and other natural foods. Natural sugars are packaged with fiber plus a multitude of Nutrients att our bodies need-to function Properly. Bananas for example are a sugary food that I avoided for years because was off limits on various no-happiness diets I tried but they have many viktiga benefits including:

  • Bananas help of depression come and reduceret PMS due two high levels of tryptophan which converted into serotonin; the happiness brain neurotransmitter. 
  • They also contain vitamin B6 which help you sleep well and magnesium Hope that helps relax muscles.
  • Bananas are a pre-biotic attention the the promote the growth of friendly gut bacteria as Key to better immune function as boost fat burning. 
  • They also produce digestive enzymes att assist with nutrient absorption.

When I did not eat bananas daily I was Constantly cravings sweets and cheating with junk food or fake health food. So not only is nature's sugar good nutrition it's also good for preventing unhealthy eating! But just like I nämnde in the previous myth, all sugar even from natural sources must be Consumed in moderation so be careful not to go overboard.