not getting results from your workouts it's not you it's your workout guru

by monica

this doesn't mean trainer harder it means train smarter

this doesn't mean trainer harder it means train smarter

this doesn't mean trainer harder it means train smarter good trainers are rare these days, they're also worth every penny! skilled trainers don't make excuses they get results!

Sorry for this rant but...I heard some ridiculous fitness guru on youtube yesterday telling her cult followers that are not losing weight that it's because they don't push themselves hard enough and they don't eat right. WRONG!

I am certain those people ARE following her workouts/diet to the letter. They worship the ground she sweats on and are gung ho about her workouts so why wouldn't they do what she says.

The truth is that it's the fitness guru that's making the excuses because intensity and bad diet are not the ONLY reasons people don't get results.

Here's 8 more reasons people fail to get results that I wrote about in detail in my workout mistakes article. The ones with an asterisk are the ones those poor people need to fix:

Faulty Movement Patterns*
Hardcore Workout Mistake*
Lame Workout Mistake
Marathon Workouts
No Workout Variety*
Relying on Quick Workouts*
Too Much Trouble Zone Exercise
Wrong Workout Plan*

It's crazy how many uneducated inexperienced "fitness gurus" on youtube give stupid advice and make people feel like it's 100% their fault for not pushing their limits and all that other blah blah blah bimbo talk so I just stop listening (and you should too)!

Like the poster says if you want results you need to train like it which does not mean only train harder and eat cleaner it means trainer smarter and live smarter too.

My clients paying $70 an hour would be royally pissed if they saw no visible results after 2-3 weeks and I told them "it's your diet or your workout intensity" when you train on your own. What a joke!

A trainer who blames the client isn't a fitness expert they're a fitness enthusiast who is good at getting their body results and motivating by looking good but not good at much else. Like I said in a previous blog post a well designed workout plan GETS VISIBLE RESULTS from day one, period!

Bad program design never works no matter how hard or how clean you eat and bad trainers and dumb fitness gurus who are rampant these days, have no clue what good program design is so it's a catch22 for the people who choose to listen to them.

Great trainers who are skilled at program design & fitness psychology are so rare, hard to find, expensive and usually not famous. They also NEVER tell a client or YOU that it's your fault unless it really is but that's another blog post ha ha!

We just modify the hell out of your workout plan to make it work for your unique needs because that's what a skilled trainer is supposed to know how to do. Smart trainers don't play the blame game. We get visible results that speak for themselves...

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an extensive workout regimen that apply to people of all levels in their workout journey. I've been active all my life,but in the past year, I decided to workout smarter, at a greater intensity and with greater dedication. I've used the routines and they have kicked my butt :) I've become stronger, leaner and more motivated to continue forth. I am still working on my diet (I love to eat... all the time), but at least, I've been able to maintain a weight for more than a year, which I've never been able to do in the past." L. Raymond 40something

"Monica Neave has been my personal trainer for four years. In my first 4 months of working with Monica, I lost 40 pounds. Because of Monica’s excellent support, I have kept my weight off and have completely changed my lifestyle. I am healthier than I have been is years. Her comprehensive and very personal approach to training has made my success possible." C. Taylor 54

"Thanks, Monica. The boot camp exercises are awesome - as soon as I see them, I think, 'Oh yeah! I remember when a trainer showed me that' but thanks to you I can put them all together and use them effectively." B. Semel 36

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