non scale victory motivation and how non superficial victories matter most

by monica

How non scale victories a.k.a. non superficial non shallow or non subjective victories are THE most important part of your health and fitness plan.

How non scale victories a.k.a. non superficial non shallow or non subjective victories are THE most important part of your health and fitness plan.

How non scale victories a.k.a. non superficial non shallow or non subjective victories are THE most important part of your health and fitness plan.

When you focus only on the aesthetic part of exercise you miss the most important benefits that fitness has to offer. Here's how focusing on and celebrating your non scale victories or what I like to call your non superficial victories will make you fitter healthier sexier and happier with your body improvement goals and routines...

#1 Non Superficial Victory benefit: If you've been following me since my days as founding editor at back in 2000 then you know that I LOVE writing about non scale victories because superficial goals without true underlying motives are pointless as well as your fast ticket to failure. The reason you fail if you focus only on visible victories is that your mind does not care about six pack abs, waist to hip ratios, weight or bodyfat % or a lean and curvy figure because those goals are not tied to your true underlying goals and dreams. See we all have deep underlying motives that are linked to our true happiness and to think that true happiness lies in a number or a measurement or a look isn't just limiting its naive because none of us are that basic!

Take me for example: I always thought that I wanted low end fitness range bodyfat so I could finally feel good about my abs but it turns out I wanted that so that I could have the stamina and prowess to perform a badass warrior act in heavy leather armour, 6" stiletto boots and a shimmering cape and rhinestone mask that makes the audience go WOAH! I've actually wanted this since I was a kid I just forgot along the way to adulthood and got busy focusing on body numbers which not only prevented me from reaching my goal but also made me very unhappy with my body.

Now if you're sitting there thinking that YOUR underlying motives don't exist or are nowhere to be found then I encourage you to do some serious soul searching to find them (the link here shows you how easy it is). They are in there and they will not only transform the way you view fitness but also transform your body mind and soul in ways you never imagined.

#2 Non Scale Victory benefit: There are dozens of things a scale a bodyfat monitor a tape measure a clothing size won't tell you including; how strong you are physically mentally and emotionally, how fast and good you are at running up a steep heel, how focused you can be when life gets tough, how awesome you are when you start going after what you want and getting it, how brave and persistent you are when you encounter setbacks, how great it feels to have tons of energy! A scale/monitor/tape measure/size also won't tell you a damn thing about 8 of the 9 fitness components that make a person fit. It also won't tell you that you got what it takes to accomplish virtually anything you want with your body.

So why do we give society imposed measurements such importance? Because we've been trained to do it. Great news is you can un-train yourself just as easily. I've done it and so have dozens of people who follow ybff fitness plans and who now measure fitness in many other ways. I'm not saying that numbers can't or shouldn't matter. They can but ONLY as part of the bigger picture otherwise you are really limiting your true fitness potential.

#3 Non Subjective Victory benefit: Not sure if you've noticed but there is a big revolution going on in fitness and in fashion because women are tired of being sold on subjective standards. Women are beginning to SAY HELL-NO TO SUBJECTIVE BEAUTY STANDARDS set by the fashion industry and the fitness industry. Many of us no longer care for societies six pack ab standards or anorexic thin standards or for certain level of muscularity standards or for waist to hip ratio standards or even for bigass booty standards (sorry not all of us can have Kim Kardashian asses and that's o.k. too). As women we have more important things to do like create art or fight causes or be a force to be reckoned with in the workplace.

Those women who are still stuck working out for six packs and ideal weight and perfect body ratios and clothing size and other subjective standards set by society are the ones who seem the happiest but usually are the most dissatisfied with their bodies and their lives. Just look at the high number of women who have dropped out of figure competition in the past few years. If that's not a sign that the times are changing then look at all the anti body shaming campaigns and the yoga is for everyBODY campaigns and the every body is beautiful campaigns. Our mindset about what is beautiful and fit and healthy is shifting to a more objective internal standard.

Isn't it time you said to hell with what society wants. I'm going to do health and fitness in a way that makes me happy, end of story no need to justify what you want or why? Just do it YOUR way. I guarantee that approaching health and fitness with a more objective mindset is going to set you free from body drama and get you exactly the body that is going to make you the happiest!

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