Ninja kitchen system 1200 review

by monica

Green smoothies and protein shakes made with superfoods are one of the best ways to eat more nutritious fruits and veggies so that you can burn fat more efficiently, flatten your abs, shrink your waist, build a sexier booty.

I've written about both superfood smoothies and weight loss smoothies quite a bit so if you need more info be sure to click these 2 links for recipes and tips or check the blog regularly where I blog about healthy superfoods quite often.

One thing I mentioned in all those articles is that you don't need a fancy $500 blender to make a delicious smoothie. The blender I've been using since 1998 (seriously it's that old) makes amazing smoothies and it actually kicked some Ninja ass in a blender showdown we had a few weeks ago. Here's what I like and hated about the Ninaja and why I am considering just upgrading to another Hamilton Beach very soon.

What I liked about the Ninja:

1. It was on sale for $99 so we figured it was a good price for a blender that claims to do what the Vitamix does.

2. Was very easy to assemble and easy to use and both the large and smaller pitcher can fit a lot of liquid and food.

3. Has a nice modern look to it and doesn't take up much more space on the counter than our current blender.

Here's what I hated about the Ninja:

1. The blades are not attached to the pitcher so you need to remove them for pouring or cleaning and they're sharp which is dangerous and made clean up slow.

2. The lid is a pain in the butt to put on and off and must be perfectly aligned or the blender won't start. The pouring spout on the lid also felt cheap and like it would break easily.

3. The blades are attached to a cheap plastic tube and they come up more than half way up the pitcher so they take up tons of room and make adding ingredients kind of scary.

4. The consistency of the smoothie that the Ninja blends is awful. I didn't find huge pieces of kale stalks but the entire smoothie was just grainy and hard to drink.

5. You have to turn the blender off and take the lid off to add ingredients which is great for safety from those menacing blades but not so great when you're trying to get your smoothie blended in under 5 min.

Here's a few videos I watched once I had already bought it that made me feel better about returning it. I'm not paying $500 for a Vitamix because I only use my blender to make smoothies so I'm considering the Hamilton Beach 56221 Smoothie Smart Blender featured in the second video. I'll post a review on that one once we buy it.

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