Nike x Pedro skirted training tights review

by monica

The minute I saw these tights in the Nike x Pedro Lourenco video I knew I had to have them. I figured these training tights would be pricey since most regular Nike leggings are around $100 so I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the $140 price tag on these.

Back when I was training clients full time I had no issue paying $98 for Lulu Lemmon or Lucy workout pants but these days I just train a couple of people and mainly film workout videos at home so wasn't really sure I could justify the splurge. Even the $55 Under Armour leggings I got a few months back felt like a splurge and these are nearly 3x that.

But I LOVED the futuristic ballerina look of these so I ordered them and waited patiently hoping they would be worth it. Thankfully they arrived quickly and were even better than I expected. Here's what I love about the Pedro Lourenco Nike skirted tights and the only thing that concerns me:

1. The waist band is thin elastic and fits right at the natural waist which is something that works really well for my ruler body type. Since losing more weight all those leggings with the wide bands just don't stay up anymore on my body which is one of the reasons I wear fitted leggings in so many of my videos.

2. The skirted part of the leggings isn't too long which is something that I was worried would make me look even shorter than I am. I'm not quite 5'4" and nowhere near as tall as all the models that I saw wearing these tights so happy they look good on a shorty like me.

3. The backside of the tights is fitted but hugs the booty and doesn't flatten it. This is actually a huge issue I have with so many other leggings I've tried that fit at the waist and legs but then create a pancake butt look. I love that these Nike tights fit like a second skin and show the round shape of my assets without being see thru.

4. The back lower portion of the tights is mesh which makes the tights look grey from the knee down even though the material is the exact same color as the top. That combined with the reflective tape just above the back of the knee gives off a modern futuristic vibe that makes the front part look less girly.

5. The front portion of the tights is ballerina pink which is probably my favorite feature. They look exactly like all the dance tights I had when i danced ballet and in some lighting they look almost nude which makes the skirt standout even more.

These tights get 2 thumbs up from me. The only thing that concerns me is durability. How long will they last and how much training abuse can they take. In the giant booty video I filmed with them here I actually snagged them with my heels and was worried I had ripped them but not one fiber pulled so hopefully they'll last a few years because they're pretty awesome and totally worth the splurge!

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