new balance 813 v2 cross training shoe review

by monica

great stadium stair workout in New Balance 813v2 workout shoes

For the first time in years I decided to buy workout shoes with a considerable amount of cushioning. I got the New Balance 813v2 which are super light weight and cushiony but are they a good fit for ybff exercises and circuits?

As you know from previous shoe reviews I usually purchase minimalist shoes or don't wear shoes at all when I train so the main reason for getting these is I needed comfortable sneakers that would allow me to stand long hours at either of my stand up desks. I also wanted a black shoe that would look good with skinny jeans and other things I wear and that I could wear for walking or running around at the park with Justin and our new dog.

So here's 5 things I love about the New Balance 813v2 workout shoe plus 3 things I don't...

1. These workout shoes are so cushiony that it feels like you're standing on pillows which is great on days when I do long hours of editing at my stand up desks. I don't get as tired anymore when standing for long hours as I did when standing barefoot or in the yellow pumas which have zero cushioning.

2. They look and feel super light weight which is surprising considering how bulky most cross trainers I've owned feel. So these feel a lot like barefoot shoes but with a ton of cushion.

3. They are easy to move in and did not affect my form or performance when doing jumping jacks, run in place high knees, stair sprints, bench step up hops and other higher impact exercises. I filmed my most recent outdoor workouts in these and my feet/knees/hips were very happy after we finished. More quick videos in these shoes at ybff instagram.

4. The material is described on various sites as a "unique 4 way stretch" that molds to your feet and these shoes really do that. The material looks and feels like really soft breatheable wetsuit material and it is truly unique. I've never owned a shoe like this before and it's one of my favorite features.

5. The look of this shoe is very modern and streamlined and the trim colors are eye catching but subtle. They look great with skinny jeans (which I wear a lot) but they also look great with cropped trousers or mini skirt and a sweatshirt. Great for the "athleisure look" that's trending right now!

Here's 3 things I don't love about these shoes:

1. They feel a bit narrow at the widest part of my feet and I have neutral normal width feet but can't wear any of the workout socks I have or bought with these. I need to buy thinner socks so they don't feel so snug which isn't a big deal just an annoying expense I didn't expect.

2. They don't feel comfortable when running on hard flat surfaces like on the track at start of my outdoor workout video. This may be partly because my feet are now accustomed to running in minimalist shoes. If your feet are used to a cushioned shoe that does not allow your to feel the ground this probably won't be an issue for you. I just won't wear them if I plan on running on flat hard terrain which I don't do very often.

3. The price is kind of high for this type of shoe. I found them on major sale for $55 at DSW but most online shops are selling them for $85 which in my opinion is a bit outrageous for a cross trainer. I personally would not pay that much for ANY cross trainers so glad I found these on sale! If you're a DSW shopper and you want these you can save up your rewards certificates from other shoe purchases and buy them online for less too : )

Overall this is a great shoe. I give it 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it for anybody who does the types of exercises circuits and workouts featured on this site.

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