negative body images and the crop top trend

by monica

At 20 years old 107 lb with super fit toned body and on my college dance team I was ashamed of my abs.  So happy that is not the case any more.

Did you know that 80% of women are unhappy with their appearance? It doesn't matter how fit, how thin, how muscular, how curvy, what body type, what cup size, waist size or pant size women are, countless surveys reveal that most women just don't like their bodies (some hate their bodies) and struggle with low self esteem and body dysmorphic disorder.

My own personal body hate was subtle but it started in my late teens and continued until I was 39. It mostly revolved around my abs but not because I had belly fat or did not have ripped abs. I've actually had fat free flat abs most of my life and don't even care for the ripped abs look. My negative body image had to do with low self esteem brought on by years of criticism from family, friends, coworkers, even complete strangers. Negative body images in the media made it a bit worst.

Like many women I internalized other people's negativity about my body and lost the tiny bit of body confidence I had in my early teens and it took over two decades for me to find that again.

What finally helped me rediscover the body confidence that I once had was exercising in a more holistic way that improved my entire being not just my body but my health as well as my mental and emotional well being too.

This is what helped me to debunk all the negative body images and body hate messages you see everywhere like:

"strong is the new skinny" - WRONG! some really muscular women are actually weaker than skinny fit women because they only train dysfunction to achieve a certain look

"skinny girls are for whimps" - WRONG! slim rectangle body types can be just as sexy as hourglass and pyramid figures

"real women have curves" - WRONG! not all women have curves but that doesn't make them any less female

"size 0-2 is unattractive" - WRONG! turns out Marilyn Monroe was that size and she's the most famous sexy symbol ever.

If you're struggling with low self esteem or negative body image that makes you strongly dislike or even hate your body you must start questioning EVERYTHING you see and hear EVERYWHERE including the opinions of people who claim to care about you. You should also focus on exercising and eating for health and happiness as much as you do for all your other body makeover goals.

When you focus more on ALL the benefits of fitness and healthy eating you build up resistance to negative messages that chip away at your self esteem and you start building the body confidence you need to get a body that makes you happy enough to try new fun things outside of your comfort zone that you would not have tried before.

This is what gave me the confidence to finally try the crop top trend that I had seen in so many magazines and style blogs. I love this look but would not have worn this in my 20s or 30s even though I could have.

My rectangle body type clothes are: Asos long sleeve turtleneck crop top, Express high waist pencil skirt, F21 printed pants, Zigisoho peep toe ankle strap wedge, Dolce Vita platform ankle boots, Buffalo grey skinny jeans, F21 tribal print crop blouse

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