My 42 going on 22 workout motivation tip

by monica

My abs are flat (not ripped) and my core is strong/healthy and I'm currently approaching a 25

My abs are flat (not ripped) and my core is strong/healthy and I'm currently approaching a 25" waist : )

My abs are flat (not ripped) and my core is strong/healthy and I'm currently approaching a 25 Only reason I took this pic is for my Brazil Butt Lift review. This is the only 20 year old I want to look like : )  Yes, it's me at 21. When you go around judging other people's bodies it is really only a reflection of what you feel about your own body.

I know I'm "supposed" to film my workout videos half naked and include a few close-ups of camel toe and a**crack and fake boob cleavage or N.H.O. but I'm really not interested in getting ANY views from men, male trainers (hardcore female trainers either), or teenage boys looking to fap (see urban dictionary if you have no idea what that means ). Right now Your Best Female Figure youtube channel is getting 85% of it's views from every day women over 30, Yes!!!! and I want to keep it that way.

Aside from that I have a family and my 13 year old son is horrified as it is when I do film a video in my pink yoga shorts ("why are you wearing that, those are too short") which is why I don't do it often. He is often just 2 rooms away playing games or doing homework when I film videos and he stops by my workout/yoga room several times every time I film to ask what's there to eat (that boy can eat all day and still only weighs 96 lb!!!).

I know some women out there think I'm trying to hide something under all my clothes (bcz they've suggested it indirectly in comments/questions submitted to my site) but as you can see in my pics here I'm not trying to hide a damn thing. I'm 42 and according to Justin (my boyfriend of 7 years) I look better than most 20 year old girls he knows or sees online. Whenever he says this I roll my eyes and ask him what he wants, then he reminds me of the overweight/obesity stats in this country and I wonder if maybe he's right. I also wonder what kind of dirty pics his friend are forwarding ha ha. But in reality who the heck cares!!! The only 20 year old I compare myself to is my 20 year old self.

I wasn't put on this earth to look like some some young silicon inflated barbie with ripped abs and a perfect face. I'm here to help real women get real results from their workouts and even when I was filming videos at a heavier weight and higher bodyfat I never felt that I had anything to hide.

I have always felt that I look good in or out of clothes (I just don't feel the need to constantly sexualize my body in videos like some ex-porn-stars or wanna-be-models on youtube). And right now I like my body at 42 more than I ever did at 32 and have much better self esteem than I did when I was 22.

As you can see in my pics I have a tight toned butt, zero cellulite, flat abs, and lean toned legs and arms PLUS I'm fit which is what my videos are about. I'm not ripped or muscular and have no desire to look like that ever (I have stated this many many times, hopefully this will be the last). I hope you are cool with me not filming up close half-naked pornogaphic looking workout videos (gross) and with me sharing just a few pics of my body parts from time to time.

Exercise Motivation Tip: If you feel insecure about your aging body and want to look and feel younger all day every day then don't compare yourself to other people. Do what is best for your current body and your goals. I created your best female figure for women of all ages and fitness levels who want to look and be fitter, healthier, and sexier and especially for women who are tired of being told what sexy is supposed to look like. Only you can decide what sexy looks like on you but whatever that is, doing what I show you in my videos and articles and workout plans WILL help you achieve your ideal body faster and without all the body drama you see elsewhere.

Want to love your booty? Try the exercises in my latest workout video get your best butt workout.

Check out my warmup video below to see how much clothes I usually wear to workout. Why? Because my old injured body is usually cold even in summer in 90 degree weather I get cold in our house. I hate being cold and so do my old injuries.

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