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by monica

Started training for our big summer hiking trip a month ago.  Don't need

Started training for our big summer hiking trip a month ago. Don't need "motivation" to train for this it's just something we enjoy : ) romero pools hike about 5.5 miles 1500 ft. elevation (easy)

Started training for our big summer hiking trip a month ago.  Don't need picacho peak hike about 6.2 miles 1680 ft. elevation (moderate hiking/rock climbing) blacketts ridge hike about 6.5 miles 1500 ft. elevation (moderate to easy hike)

Motivation is not what keeps you on track with challenging workouts and healthy eating that is right for your body type so you can get your best body. It's your underlying motives that keep you going.

It's interesting how so many women think you need to be motivated and all gung-ho about fitness 100% of the time to get a better body. Motivation actually has little to do with being fit, healthy and happy.

The secret to getting your workout on day after day, month after month, year after year so that you get and keep that lean toned fit healthy sexy body you want is knowing your Underlying Motives for exercising. I've written about this quite a bit for various sites and in my workout plans but below are some examples of my own and from clients to help you find what really drives you to train and eat smarter consistently.

Hint: It's not about looking good it's about moving and eating in fun healthy dynamic way that benefits the lifestyle you enjoy (my personal underlying motives have an asterisk next to them):

heal my body after lymphoma

better self esteem for dating

better self esteem to achieve career goals

stay strong during radiation for colon cancer and stay in remission

*prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression that most of my female family members suffered from for years

stamina and confidence to hike the Inca trail plus endurance to keep up with my grandkids

be an inspiration to my son who is a recovering drug addict and to my daughter who is an aspiring athlete

*strength and endurance to aerial dance and hike 30-40 miles in under 7 days every summer

feel strong and empowered to help my husband recover from oral cancer

* workout to not turn into frumpy unhappy soccer mom who's whole life revolves around her kids/husband

These are the REAL reasons people exercise consistently and with intensity. This is what keeps you going long term with challenging workouts that get you the body you want even when you are super busy or feel stressed, tired, bored, and all those other excuses people like to come up with when they skip workouts or eat unhealthy meals for days/weeks.

If I personally relied on some magical motivation to keep me going I would not have been exercising consistently for over 27 years now. The truth is I often lack "motivation" to workout (life gets hectic, stressful and a bit tiring for me every week).

My closest trainer friends don't feel all gung-ho every day either and some of them are insanely fit and run ultra-marathons. I just give my body the movement and nutrition it needs daily because it's part of who I am and how I live the life I want to live (my trainers friends do the same).

So forget about needing motivation already! Find your REAL underlying reasons for exercising and eating healthy and I promise you'll never rely on motivation ever again to stick with exercise or healthy eating which means you'll finally get the body you want and keep it or keep improving it.

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