best muffin top exercises for women who want a slim waist

Tired of muffin top exercises and love handle exercises that don't work?  The best way to get rid of any type of fat around the core whether it's muffin top, love handles, spare tire belly fat, back fat rolls, even lower ab jelly belly pooch is with movement that:

  • has a metabolic effect on the body
  • improves core function and posture
  • boosts hormone balance and digestion

Below is everything you need if you're ready to kick the silly spot reduction exercises that don't work to the curb (i.e. waist bends, side lying crunches,, side plank hip dips area all pointless).  I promise you'll notice a visible difference on your waist within a week of getting busy with the dynamic movements below...

muffin top exercises that burn fat, improve posture, core function & corset muscle strength & stability

One of the biggest time wasting strategies if you're trying to "get rid" of fat in a specific area is to focus on spot reduction or toning.  A better way to lose ANY type of stubborn fat on a specific area of the body is with exercises that target the fat from the inside out and that also burn more bodyfat and total calories in general.  

The tripod twist single leg downdog updog combo and the getup toss alternating jump squat twist are two of the best moves for core fat and the best thing about these killer exercises is they improve core function for all those other challenging metabolic workouts that melt the fat off your core even faster (see next tip).  Get started by adding these two moves to any of your full body circuits and notice how much harder your body has to work even though these are low impact moves.

muffin top exercises that boost metabolism, total body strength, coordination & endurance

The absolute best way to get rid of muffin top, love handles, spare tire belly fat, back fat rolls, or lower ab jelly belly pooch is with total body exercises that turbo charge your fat metabolism.   Three of the best moves for this are, squat thrust alternating side plank knee in jacks, alternating tactical lunge sandbell slam, alternating sit thru scorpion press

Because these exercises target all your major muscle groups as well as your deep abdominals **where ALL movement originates**  they have a metabolic effect that forces your body to burn more fat and calories while you do them and for 24-48 hours after your workouts which is why it's called metabolic conditioning or after burn training.

The best way to get the most of metcon training if you need to get rid of muffin top, love handle and lots of core fat quickly is to do metcon 3-4 times a week and to do other types of training the others days of the week.  I explain why this is key for quality fatloss in my plan bodycon female fitness.  If on the other hand you don't have a lot of bodyfat to lose or you struggle to maintain a round booty then aim for fewer metcon workouts and more of the other types of training you do for your unique body type and goal.

muffin top exercises that help relieve stress & help detox your body

Flow yoga stretches are great for keeping stress fat storing hormones under control.  They also release tension and boost digestion which is a key factor in fat burning.  The better your digestion the better your metabolism especially your fat metabolism.   Get started with the quick and simple yoga poses below and be sure to do these after your workouts not before.