mountain climber modification options

by Jo

Hi, I bought the Body Confidence ebook and I am starting the workouts:). I am an "Apple" body type with short arms and, well.. Big boobs! I find with mountain climber my knees cannot get to 90degree bend (knee over ankle) when tucked at my armpit. There just isn't enough room. Any suggestions?

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mountain climber variations
by: monica

Hi Jo, Thanks for posting your question. The mountain climber can be challenging for all body types for a variety of reasons. If bringing the knee towards the chest is an issue try the alternating lateral plank jumps or plank jacks or the kickback mountain climber. Check out the quick video below to see the basic mountain climber and 3 modification options.

If those 3 still don't work for you a great substitution would be the gliding disc mountain climber. These only allow the knees to come in below the hips but are still so intense.

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