About YBFF & Monica Neave

Welcome to BestFemaleFigure.com where you'll find all the best fat burning and toning exercises plus healthy eating and workout tips to help you sculpt a lean toned body with sexy female curves.  This site and Your BFF workout plan was created by Monica Neave. Keep reading to learn more about how to get your best female figure.

Monica Neave Certification, Experience & Media

Monica Neave is an ISSA Certified Fitness Therapist and has been working as a personal trainer and group fitness trainer since 2002.

She created Your Best Female Figure Workout Plan and is owner/editor of BestFemaleFigure.com and FatlossWorkoutsGuide.com.  She was also the exercise and weightloss editor at Bellaonline.com from 2000-2012.

Her fatloss workouts and fatloss workout tips have been featured on FOXNews.com, The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Citizen, National Public Radio, Better Homes & Gardens and many other websites and blogs.

Monica's Before & After Pics, Stats, & Tips

Check out the video here to see more before and after pics.  Both videos include simple tips that helped me lose 30 pounds of fat and drop my bodyfat from 32% to 18%.  These simple tips can help you start getting better results from your workouts right away!

This video has fun pics of me in my teens, 20's, 30's and now in my 40's.  May 2000 post baby before: 150 lb and 32% bodyfat (age 30).  May 2002 after: 118 lb  and 18% bodyfat (maintained this age 32-41)

Nov. 2011 post injury before:  120 lb and 24% bodyfat (age 41)

Spring 2012 after: 115 lb and 19% bodyfat (age 42)

Currrently:  110 lb about 18% bodyfat (not pictured here)

Why I Created Your Best Female Figure

Hi and thanks so much for stopping by Best Female Figure site.  I created this site along with YBFF plan, Corset Core Hourglass Waist Plan and Love Your Booty plan  because thousands of women who have been visiting my fitness sites since 2007 have been asking me to do it.  I actually didn't think I needed to create this site or fitness plan ebooks. 

I figured that many like it already existed but after years of searching and searching for a sexy female figure workout plan to recommend to all my visitors I finally came to the realization that there was no such thing.

What I found is that most ebooks and workout plans for women are written by male fitness trainers or athletic female trainers or bodybuilders who don't really understand that many women do not have the time or the desire to exercise for an overly athletic, muscular or ripped physique. Many women just want to lose fat, tone up, look and feel sexy again!

The lack of information on this specific fitness goal explains why so many of my visitors kept sending me emails and posting questions on all my sites about how to lose fat and tone up without losing their sexy female curves. Your Best Female Figure workout plan and this site was created especially for women interested in getting a fit toned body with sexy curves.

I spent 6 months researching, creating and testing this workout plan and I can tell you with confidence that it worked on my very ordinary rectangle shape so I know it can work for you too especially if you workout with intensity and you support your training with clean healthy fatloss meals and many other healthy habits that I write about on this site and in Your BFF ebook.

I hope you enjoy all the exercises, workout tips, healthy recipes, and pictures I put together for you in the ebook and on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to post them here on the site using any of the contact forms or on Your Best Female Figure facebook page.

Thanks again,

Monica Neave, ISSA CFT

Owner/Editor BestFemaleFigure.com

Creator, Your Best Female Figure Plan

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