Speed up metabolism workout tips for healthy female fat loss and better body transformation results

The best way to burn fat tone up and look great fast is to focus more on simple and practical strategies that speed up your metabolism. Get started with the 6 fast metabolism workout tips below and don't be surprised when you start shedding the fat weight like crazy because this stuff works better than all those outdated tips you've already read about in women's magazines.

Assess Your Body to Find Out What It Needs -  In the infamous words of my favorite fitness teacher Paul Chek "if you're not assessing then you're guessing" and just winging it when it comes to weightloss  and fatloss.  This can work if you're new to healthy habits and fitness but if you happen to be even slightly experienced with exercise or you are really struggling with stubborn fat and slow weight loss then a comprehensive health and nutrition assessment is a MUST to know what your unique situation requires so you can start getting results from your time spent exercising.  

In my 14 years of training I've used a variety of fitness assessment with clients but the most useful assessments for anyone struggling to lose the fat weight is the one in Paul Chek's book Eat Move and Be Healthy (pic here).  This questionnaire will assess your stress levels, metabolic type, sleep wake cycle, digestion and other factors that are key to metabolic workout results.

Do Your Metabolic Training At The Right Time - Anybody who's struggled with weightloss and fatloss has at one point wondered whether morning or evening workouts burn more fat or whether training on an empty stomach or having a pre-workout snack boosts fat burn but the truth is you don't need to sweat the small stuff unless you're a professional bodybuilder or athlete on a super regimented eating and training schedule. If you're a normal woman the only time related metabolism workout factor to consider is your energy level.  

The absolute best time to train is when your mental and physical energy levels are the highest so that you can pack as much quality exercise into your metabolism workout routine.  For some people that's early morning or mid morning for others its afternoon or evening and this can change from day to day, week to week, month to month so you may not want to get married to your workout time if you want to maximize your fat burning.  Of all the time related workout factors I ever manipulated this is the one that made THE biggest difference for me and for most of my clients.

Get Twisted to Boost Digestion - By twisted I don't mean weird, freaky or crazy, I mean get busy with twisting exercises that stimulate digestion which accounts for most of your metabolism.  Twisting movement patterns also boost core stability and strength which also speed up metabolism workout results but we'll cover that in the next tip.

The video here is a quick preview of just a few twisting moves from a 14 min. video on twisting exercises I uploaded to the  primal movement exercises page.

Restore Core Function & Strength -  "The core houses all internal organs except vital organs in the head...Behind the abdominal organs, along the spine, lies the largest artery in the body; the abdominal aorta and the largest vein in the body; the inferior vena cava.  When the body moves correctly and is properly exercised, pressure changes occur in the core that assists the heart and extremity muscles to circulate blood and lymphatic fluid through the body.  If your core function dimishes and you can't effectively move fluids through your organs the chances of infections, constipation and diseases increases while your energy levels decrease." Paul Chek.

So basically if you core muscles are dysfunctional meaning they are weak, unstable or not firing properly your body's energy will be diverted to healing itself or restoring balance instead of burning fat.   If you  insist on training through core dysfunction you WILL eventually get injured.    This is the reason I ended up with a serious hip injury that derailed me with fatloss training for 11 months.  Need to fix your core for better metabolism workout results?  Get started with my workout plan Corset Core that includes various core assessments, functional core workouts and plenty of core focused fatloss workouts to get you back on track.  

Supplement Your Metabolism Workout - HIIT is trending right now and so is the idea that you need daily fatloss training to burn the fat but this is just NOT TRUE!  In fact general strength workouts, core workouts, yoga, moderate intensity cardio, pilates, cycling, walking, restorative exercises, dance workouts and all that other stuff that's been deemed unworthy of your time by all those self proclaimed fitness "gurus" are all great ways to supplement your metabolism workout routine.

I could quote all kinds of research on this but what I've learned from working with NORMAL women struggling to lose weight and burn fat is that 3 to 4 fatloss workouts per week is more thabn enough to get results and leaves time for all those other fun workouts that will improve your health as well as your metabolic workout results.

Improve Your Posture Daily -  This may also not sound as worthy of your time as slamming balls or grunting your way through intervals of lunge jumps and inverted press bear squats but your posture has EVERYTHING to do with metabolism workout results.  If your spine is not aligned due to out of balance muscle groups then your exercise performance will suffer big time and your fat burning also decreases considerably plus your chance of injury increases big time!  

Posture imbalances are such an issue right now for a majority of the population that new posture correction methods, techniques and systems seem to crop up every couple of months.  They're all based on the same principles of spinal alignment  and function so if you need a lot of help in this area look into established methods that work.  There are so many systems but the ones listed here are the most reliable.  I placed a star next to my favorites and also featured them in my stress management exercises article.

  • Franklin Method*
  • Foundation Training
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Rolfing*
  • Thai Massage
  • Foam Rolling*
  • Ball Rolling*
  • Alexander Technique
  • Feldenkrais Method
  • Functional Corrective Exercise*