Discover the foods that speed up your metabolism with the metabolic typing diet

Eating a clean healthy diet, controlling portions, and exercising regularly with adequate intensity should help you get healthy, burn fat, get fit and achieve your ideal weight quickly and permanently but it's rarely this easy.  So what's going on when you're doing everything right and the only thing you seem to be losing is your patience?  

If your inability to burn the fat and lose weight is not related to a health issue like adrenal fatigue brought on by chronic stress or medications you're taking for health conditions then you may be eating the wrong foods suggests Metabolic Typing Diet author Dr. William Wolcott   

How the metabolic typing diet can speed up your metabolism and help you reach your fitness and fatloss goals forever

According to Dr. Wolcott people fall into three basic metabolic types and if your diet does not fit your metabolic type then you will struggle to maintain your health and your weight.  His quick and simple metabolic typing test found in his book helps you figure out whether you are:

Protein Type - Typically has a strong appetite, craves fatty salty foods, fails on low calorie diets, tends to get fatigued, anxious, nervous. Does better on a mix of 40 % protein 30% fat 30% carbs.

Carb Type - Typically has a weak appetite, has high tolerance for sweets, caffeine dependent, variable energy patterns, has type A tendencies, has trouble maintaining ideal weight due to erratic eating habits. Does better on a mix of 25% protein 15% fat 60% carbs. 

Mixed Type - Typically has an average appetite, craves sweets and carbs, doesn't have trouble maintaining weight, can swing in one direction or the other and experience either fatigue lethargy and depression or hyperactivity, nervousness, and anxiety. Does better on a mix of 30% protein 20% fat 50% carbs. 

Dr. Wolcott's metabolic typing test also uncovers all kinds of things about your unique metabolism including what branch of your autonomic nervous system is more dominant and whether you are a slow or a fast oxidizer. 

His metabolic typing diet also lists the foods that are ideal for your specific metabolic needs and shows you how to tweak your metabolic eating plan various ways for even better results.

His metabolic typing diet is an amazing tool for any woman who exercises consistently, eats a healthy adequate calorie diet and still struggles with fat loss, weight loss, health and fitness.

My experience with the metabolic typing diet

Back in 2001 when I started writing for, the Atkins, low carb and paleo were trending and everybody was using them to lose weight and get lean.  I was having such a hard time losing my post pregnancy weight so I joined the low carb band wagon first with The Zone then with South Beach then various caveman diets but none of these approaches worked very well for me

And the most frustrating thing was always hearing other women talk about how great they felt on these no or low carb plans all the while I felt exhausted, hungry, depressed, anxious.  I also experienced bloating, constipation, acne, and strange skin irritations.  After about 18 months struggling to lose fat with paleo style eating I finally gave up on the whole no carb approach and started trying other eating strategies like carb cycling and Warrior diet by Ori Hofmekler. 

But I never really understood why no carb didn't work for me and was pressured into going back to it several time by other trainer friends I worked with who convinced me that fruit and healthy carbs were evil.   It wasn't until after my experience with adrenal fatigue and the Anti-Estrogenic diet that healed my body that I finally read Dr. Wolcott's book. 

I took his metabolic typing test and found out that I am a carb type and most importantly discovered that  "one man's food is another man's poison".  So while some people can get healthy, lean and fit on a diet high in animal proteins and very few fruits and grains my body actually becomes very unhealthy and dysfunctional on that type of plan which is one of the main reasons it took me 18 months to lose my post pregnancy weight even though I was exercising consistently, with very heavy weights and at a high intensity 7-8 days per week.  

It's unfortunate that it took nearly 2 years of trial and error to finally reach my goal weight and bodyfat.  Even more unfortunate that I exercised harder than I needed to and depleted carbs and calories more than I needed to transform my body.  Nobody should have to work this hard to get lean ever! 

Thankfully it only took me 30 min. to take Dr. Wolcott's metabolic typing diet test and find a more ideal fuel mix for my body that now helps me stay super healthy and super lean effortlessly.  Best of all I know exactly how to adjust my macronutrient ratios (protein carbs fat) when my needs change or if my body adapts and needs a slightly different mix of fuels.