Menstrual pain relief exercises and tips plus other pain relief options and pms humor...

Fatigue, cramps and low back pain got you down and skipping workouts?  Don't worry the menstrual pain relief exercises in all the videos below will banish menstrual aches and pains so you can feel energized, happy and get back on track with your weekly fitness routine and super sexy woman life. 

menstrual pain relief exercises that got rid of severe cramps, low back pain & fatigue in under 15 min!

The exercises featured in this video are not the usual stuff you'll find on youtube or google.  They are very specific core and glute focused exercises that work to relax deep abdominal and deep back muscles that cause cramps.  

These exercises are very simple and fun to do but make sure you watch the video for tips that can help you do them with good technique so you get rid of pain instead of causing more pain.  

I found that using the equipment in the video was fun and helped my body get rid of pain more quickly but you can use other equipment.  You can do the rope moves with a suspension trainer or straps of any kind.  Are menstrual cravings ruining your workout results?  These simple pms diet tips can help.   

Need more menstrual pain relief exercises and options?

If the exercises in the video do not appeal to you because you're in even worst pain than I was when I filmed that video, you can also try other forms of pain relief exercises such as:

Below are two more videos that include quick and easy exercises that help relieve stress and pain of any kind whether it's menstrual aches and pain, muscles soreness or just general aches and pains.  

The tension tamer routine is great for general aches pains and stress relief.  It's great for improving posture and breathing as well so it's a great option if you need an energy boost before a menstrual pain relief exercises workout.  More correct posture foam roller exercise options are here.

The reduce stress hormones video includes quick and easy restorative exercises you can do with a stability ball.  This routine is great if you're experiencing a lot of low back and lower body tension.  It also feels like you're playing on a ball so really great for improving your mood if you're feeling tired, irritable or depressed during your period.  Check out more quick and easy mobility stretches here.