Medicine ball workouts tips and options for your best female figure

Medicine ball workouts and exercises are very challenging and can work the entire body with movement patterns that boost fitness fatloss toning and body shaping results.

The really great thing about incorporating the best types of medicine ball exercises into your body makeover workouts is they make your workouts feel more like kid play than work.  Get started with the types of moves listed below and featured in all the videos on this page.  

Best medicine ball exercises for female fat loss fitness and toning

1. Multi-joint Medicine Ball Exercises that work the entire body like squat thrust to overhead ball press, ball pushups with or without ball transfer or deadlifts with overhead raise.

2. Dynamic Medicine Ball Exercises that are simple but challenge your cardio endurance such as a basic squat with overhead toss, continuous ball slams, or full body getup with toss. 

3. Speed Medicine Ball Exercises that require fast paced movement through a full range of motion and really get your heart rate going such as reverse lunges with halos, traveling squats with chop or overhead press or jumping luges with ball knee drive or twist.

What type of ball should you use for medicine ball workouts?

Medicine balls come in many weights and sizes.  Beginners should consider starting with a medicine ball that's 6-8 pounds. Intermediates to advanced can use a 10-15 pound ball.  Other than weight and size there are four things to consider when getting a weighted ball.

Leather & Synthetic Medicine Ball feels solid and more pliable so is easier on the hands when catching but can be slippery if you tend to sweat a lot.  Dynamax, Rage, JFit, CFF, Everlast, and UGI fall into this category and are all great options.

Rubber Medicine Ball feels more hollow and is more bouncy so great for slams but can be tough on the hands when catching if you have have wrist or elbow issues.  Valeo, Champion, Spri, and Cap are the best brands in this category.

Hydro Medicine Ball also called a slosh ball feels really soft and grippable because it's filled with water as well as air.  Most of the brands out there are crazy expensive ranging from $50 to $155 but I found the Gold's Gym hydro ball on amazon for just $24.  It's a great tool for adding overhead or rotational movement to your workout so you can turn up the burn without having to get high impact.  You can get any of the balls featured in YBFF workout videos at YBFF amazon shop  

Handheld Medicine Ball feel heavier than they are because they tend to be smaller and more compact but are easy hold and sometimes the filling inside moves which provide extra resistance but you definitely can't roll or toss them as easily as big medicine balls. Fitball, Danskin, Stott Pilates, and Reebok all make great ones in this category.

Dual-Grip Medicine Ball feel more like a round free weight than a ball and are easier to hold on to when doing full body exercises with chops, or rotational exercises but they are not designed for throwing slamming or tossing.  Aeromat, Dual Grip, and Harbinger are the best in this category.