15 best ways to measure
fitness & body makeover success

There are countless ways you can measure fitness and body makeover success and the more methods you use the more likely you are to get the results you desire.  But with the hundreds of tests and measurements available which ones should you rely on most often? 

The answer depends on your current health and fitness level as well as all your body goals.  For example I know at least 24 core function tests that I can perform on clients who are struggling to get flat abs and a slim waist because of posture and core dysfunction but I generally only need to use 2 or 3 of those tests in combination with other tests and measures to determine the best plan to get 

each individual client the best results.  Below is a list of all the most important fitness assessments to focus on when your goal is a healthy fit toned body with sexy feminine curves.

  1. bodyfat percentage
  2. body measurements
  3. scale weight
  4. posture & pain syndromes
  5. basic core function
  6. mobility and flexibility
  7. stability and balance
  8. upper and lower body strength
  9. cardio endurance
  10. muscular endurance
  11. exercise recovery
  12. daily energy levels
  13. nutrition and digestion
  14. metabolic type
  15. stress levels & stress tolerance
  16. sleep cycle

Believe it or not these are all things that highly skilled holistic fitness professionals test on a regular basis to determine what is going to work best for a client at various stages of their body transformation because ALL these factors do matter and not one of these is more important than another. 

They are all key to achieving ultimate health fitness and a lean toned body.  Does that list look overwhelming to you?  Don't worry because it's easy to track ALL that quickly and regularly so you can get your best body faster. 

The easy way to measure the 16 fitness & body makeover success factors listed above...

Things to measure daily include nutrition, digestion, energy levels, sleep cycle, stress levels and stress tolerance.  It's easy to track this in a journal or with a fitbit band and paying attention to these factors daily will clue you in to whether your fitness plan is moving you in the right direction because these subtle changes begin to happen right away before the scale or tape measure or bodyfat monitor show more noticeable results.

Stats you should measure every ten days include scale weight, cardio and muscular endurance, stability and balance, mobility and flexibility.  If you are exercising and eating right for your needs then you should be seeing and feeling improvements in these areas fairly quickly and regularly.

Factors to measure monthly include bodyfat percentage, exercise recovery, metabolism, posture and related pain syndromes as well as core function.  These improvements take a bit longer and can be easy to miss because they happen so gradually that you hardly notice until somebody asks you questions about what you're doing  because they can't quite figure out why you look different.   Common question you'll get from friends, coworkers, family members include:

  • wow, do you have a really fast metabolism or do you exercise a lot?
  • you look different and seem more energized, what are you doing?
  • are you lifting weights your arms/legs look firm and defined?
  • you look taller and slimmer, are you on a health kick, fitness plan?
  • who are you seeing about your [insert condition], you seem much healthier?

two simple fitness assessments you can use to measure fitness

There are literally dozens of tests I could refer you to but a great one to start with is Paul Chek's nutrition and lifestyle assessment in his book How to Eat Move & Be Healthy.  It's simple and will reveal plenty about your body and what to do to improve it.   Chek's assessment will actually measure most of the factors listed above.  

For the others you can use The Presidents Challenge Adult Fitness Test.  It's a great basic fitness assessment that will help you determine strength, endurance, flexibility and body fat.  The site even offers a pdf instruction booklet you can print out for reference.  

The 10 milestones of
body transformation results that last...

The 10 body transformation milestones below are a great indication of permanent results.   If you can check off most of these then congratulations, you're now part of the small percentage of people who are able to maintain a lean toned fit healthy sexy body.

These milestones are key indicators of body makeover success because they reflect a new attitude or feeling about health and fitness that can't be measured on a scale or with any test.  

1. You've Ditched The Daily "Weigh In" - You've tossed your scale or packed it up in the back of your closet. You know what you need to do and you don't need a daily or weekly "weigh in" to keep you accountable or afraid anymore. You also get that practicing healthy habits daily is what really matters.

2. You Listen to Maintainers - Losers are constantly losing and gaining. Maintainers on the other hand know what it takes to stay at the same weight for life. You now seek out tips and advice from maintainers instead of falling for trendy fitness guru fads.

3. You're Eating Gets Better & Better - You're eating habits get better and better month after month year after year. Instead of caring about the latest diets, supplements, pills or products you look for ways to get the right balance of food and nutrients daily.

4. You Exercise Consistently - You realize that a healthy diet alone does not = maintenance so you find ways to stay active daily whether it's walking, lifting weights, Zumba, pilates, yoga, or gardening. You understand that moving every day is key to health and a healthy metabolism too.

5. You Get That Quality & Quantity Both Count - Unlike most crazy dieters who insist on slashing calories and cutting out entire food groups you care more about the quality of the food that goes into your body. You also care about eating adequate calories for your level of activity.

6. Diet Scams Don't Phase You - Unlike yoyo dieters and lifetime losers you couldn't care less about the latest diet scam i.e. acai, HCG, and vitamin B injections. You lost it the healthy way and you're going to keep it off the healthy way too. Diet scams are for dummies and you know that now.

7. Your Life Doesn't Revolve Around Diet & Fitness - Your entire life doesn't revolve around the latest diet and exercise fads. You don't talk about your diet and fitness all the time or think about it all the time either. Your healthy choices just come naturally and so does maintaining your desired body results.

8. You Measure When It Matters - You're not obsessed with any specific numbers but you sometimes journal your food, measure a portion of something, weigh yourself, measure your bodyfat, and wear your special skinny clothes just to make sure you're still on track with your healthy habits.

9. A Bit of Weight Gain Doesn't Freak You Out - If you do happen to step on a scale at the doctors, the gym, or after you get back from vacation and see a slight increase, you no longer have a panic attack or a diet meltdown over a few extra pounds and start scouring the net for all the latest diets. You realize that a few extra pounds mean absolutely nothing. You drink some water and get back on track to loose the water weight and prevent weight rebounding.

10. Your Health Is Your Top Concern - You care more about improving your health than just numbers because you now realize that a healthy weight is a product of healthy which are what keep you looking lean toned and sexy for life!