lunges vs squats ?  no contest!

What's a better exercise for a SEXY butt?  Notice how I CAPSLOCKED the word sexy.  That's because trainers love to lecture women on the benefits of squats for a better booty while ignoring most women's fear of thigh bulking.  It's not that those dudes (and some of those fitness chics) are wrong they just believe that if you squat lots of weight in combination with a healthy diet plus cardio intervals you'll just naturally burn off all your fat stores and get the butt you want and not really care about what your thighs end up looking like.  WRONG!  So let's get to why lunges vs squats isn't even a debate...

lunges vs squats:  when in doubt lunge it out for a sexy booty!!

But the reality is that most women who do follow those guidelines (myself included) just end up with thunder thighs and slighty bigger squareass butts.  The reason for that is the squat mainly works the thighs instead of targeting the glutes directly like all the variations of lunges do.  That doesn't mean you should skip squats all together.  

You know I upload plenty of circuits with those too but if you want to get the SEXIEST butt you can possibly have for your body type the lunge is the exercise that will get you that bootyliscious backside while keeping your core and legs leaner which is why I feature it more in ALL my plans.  Here's 5 lunge variations I recently posted on instagram from Corset Core, YBFF Bodycon Fitness and Love Your Booty plans to get you started.  

alternating oh reverse lunge deadlift row

suspension straps lunge plank glute kickback

multidirectional lunge "dancing lunges"

hydro ball rollover getup oH reverse lunge

lunge jump medicine ball knee drive

As you can see the lunge can be performed with all types of fitness equipment or no equipment and can be combined with other movement into dozens of total body exercises that get you that curvy sexy booty results you desire plus get you slimmer thighs waist and toned legs and arms too.   In the battle between lunges vs squats the reality is that LUNGES RULE no matter what steroid abusing bodybuilders with bulked up bodies say. 

still uncertain about the lunges vs squats debate?

A while back I uploaded some old videos and a blog post about how I used to lift seriously heavy weight and by heavy I mean I used to squat my own weight regularly which at the time was 120 lb.  I also used to low carb and paleo diet and the only thing that got me was thick thighs a flat ass and a thick waist.  

It was when I transitioned to more dynamic movement specifically dynamic lunges and corset core exercise that my body shed that stubborn layer of fat (10 lb and 4 inches off my waist to be exact) and I got exactly my burlesque dancer body/booty that I had been working so hard to get back in the gym. 

It's not about how much you can lift or how many squats you can do or how much and how hard you can train.  It's about giving your body exactly the stimulus it needs to burn just the right amount of fat and build just the right amount of muscle naturally meaning without the help of anabolic steroids and crazy deprivation diets that harm the body and the mind long term.

If you're struggling to figure it all out I recommend just getting started with a fitness routine that's a good fit for your goals and your body.  The results you will see from day one will shock you and make you wonder why you bothered with all that other nonsense for so long.