Low Impact Exercises & Workout Tips for Fatloss & Better Body Results

One of the biggest misconceptions about exercising for fat loss or weight loss is that you need high impact exercises to burn maximum fat and calories. Not only is this notion outdated it makes no sense but that is not what you might think from looking around at all the fat loss workouts available online.

Everywhere you go there are "fatloss gurus" recommending jump squats, jumping lunges, knee tucks, jump rope drills, burpees, box jumps and other joint damaging exercises that only people with no history of injuries or illness should do.  The truth is the right type of low impact exercises can burn just as much fat as high impact activities. 

These types of fat loss workouts have become so common that it makes those who can't do this type of exercise feel defeated. The great news for those who can't jump, sprint, or leap their way to a leaner body is that there are other options that may be more enjoyable and challenging too.

Low Impact Exercises & Workout Tips That Boost Fatloss

Overhead Movement: A great low impact way to increase exercise intensity is to incorporate a lot of overhead movement as shown in video here.  Holding an object overhead as you do squats or lunges or swinging your arms in circular motion works your arms and upper back plus all your deep postural muscles.

This type of movement is challenging which means your body burns more fat and calories due to the increased demand.  The best part about overhead movement is that you will improve posture and breathing, strengthen your upper body, and look taller and leaner than you really are. 

Rotational Movement: Another low impact trick that can help you burn more fat is adding rotational movement to your workouts as shown in video here.  Any time you twist into an exercise all your stabilizer muscles have to work extra hard to keep you from losing your balance.

Not only does this provide an amazing workout for your core, butt, inner and outer thighs it also flattens your abs from the inside out. Adding rotation to your pushing, pulling, lunging, or squatting exercises also increases coordination, balance, and stability.

Complex Movement Patterns: The most effective low impact trick of all to boost exercise intensity is complex movement patterns which simply means combining various patterns into one exercise as shown in video here.

So instead of just doing jumping lunges as you would do in a high impact workout you could do various types of suspended lunges with overhead movement or rotational movement as shown in video here.  

Not only does this save your joints it works more muscles so you end up burning just as much fat as you would with basic high impact exercises like a jumping lunge or knee tuck jumps.   

Some complex movements are so much fun you don't even feel like you're exercising.  It actually feels more like sports or dancing which ARE the most complex forms of movement.  In the West Side Story video here you can actually see some dance movements that are a mix of low and high impact.  

This video shows great example of how both high and low impact exercise can be equally dynamic and challenging.  The side kick turn plank dive rollover to spinning lunge squat is in fact a  lot more complex than many of the bone jarring tuck jump.  It actually trains more movement patterns and fitness factors plus engages more muscles and requires more focus too.  

Low impact exercises workout tip

Never underestimate the power of complex low impact moves.  Just because a workout is high impact and looks hardcore and super intense doesn't mean it's what your body needs to burn fat, lose weight, and get a fit lean toned body.  Sometimes low impact exercises that are more complex like the one in my Pilates video here gets better results and is better for your joints too.

Remember that getting your best female figure requires training smarter not just harder or longer or all that other nonsense you see all over youtube and on fitness blogs of folks who have never worked with real one on one clients dealing with stubborn fat and other complex issues.  

This Pilates workout may look easy but involves complex movements patterns that blast fat and challenge every muscle in your body especially your TVA (corset muscles).