lower abdominal exercises for women who want flat toned abs & sexy hourglass curves

A majority of women that I've surveyed and trained over the years have no desire to get ripped abs or a bulked up muscular square torso like a male anatomy poster.  Most women who visit our site or who hire me to train them just want to get rid of stubborn belly fat, lower ab pooch and muffin top.  

They also want flat toned abs and some hourglass waist curves.  If that's your goal as well then be sure to avoid the "ripped abs workouts" that are rampant online or in magazines and instead focus on smarter ab exercise strategies that do get you the results you desire.

best lower abdominal exercises for women who don't want ripped abs

There are hundreds of lower ab exercises and ab workouts for women but a majority of what you see on youtube and in fitness magazines targets the rectus abdominis (six pack muscles) and obliques which are two muscle groups that bulk up quickly when you're not burning enough bodyfat with adequate amounts of fatloss training for your unique body type.  

The best options if you want faster ab fat loss as well as flat toned abs, no belly pooch and a slim waist are exercises that turn up the fat burn while also targeting your transversus abdominis (corset muscles).  Get started with the ab exercises featured in the 30 second viddys below.  Most of these are from my Corset Core Hourglass Waist fitness plan.

lower abdominal exercises that burn body fat & boost ab fat loss

The total body ab moves featured in video below are total body getups that require you to go from laying/sitting to standing/jumping continuously and at varying speeds (slow and controlled or faster).  The added benefit of getup style ab exercises is they target the deep abdominals in a way that burns tons of fat and that improves all your other movement patterns so you can get even better results from all your other workouts.

Are these moves too advanced for your level of fitness?  Build strength, boost endurance, improve coordination and agility faster with YBFF plan.  Starting with the basics is key to getting fittter leaner and sexier faster!

lower abdominal exercises that also sculpt sexy curves

The straddle plank moves featured in video below also target your legs, butt, and arms which means you don't have to spend a bunch of time isolating the abs with boring crunch style workouts like bodybuilder chics do to get their thick ripped abs.  Not only do these time efficient ab moves burn more fat and calories they keep your workouts fun and exciting.

lower abdominal exercises that build functional strength

The dynamic bending twisting pressing pulling moves featured in video below demand tons of core stability as well as total body strength, endurance, coordination, balance, mobility, flexibility, agility, and power.  In addition to boosting your total body fat burn and ab fat loss by working many muscle groups these lower ab focused moves build functional core strength that transfers over to all your other non-exercise activities like lifting or moving heavy objects, sports, hiking, dance fitness, etc.