Love Your Body Valentine's Day Inspiration

by Monica

If you follow on instagram or are a member of YBFF fb group then you probably saw my love your body underwear yoga from a few days ago. A quick and much needed live yoga practice after a weekend of intense hiking. I filmed it in my underwear after taking a shower because I could not be bothered to put on workout clothes but also to show that I have zero hangups about my body even though I'm not the picture of body perfection the fitness industry loves to throw in women's faces right now.

The funny thing that happened is that I got some nice compliments from dudes half my age about my body and my first instinct was not to say "oh thank you" or feel grateful for the body love I was getting from complete strangers. My first instinct was to apologize for not being more fit, for not looking leaner and more defined, for not being half my age, for basically not fitting today's standard of health and fitness beauty that is rampant all over social media.

The difference this time around is that I caught myself before I could deflect the compliments with my ridiculous apologies about not looking good enough because deep down after many years of work on my fitness goals I now know that I have achieved the body that makes me happy, the body that doesn't just feel "good enough" but feels great to me for the all right reasons. Sometimes I do forget this and I revert to old body loathing thoughts that so many other women have as well.

The reality is that our society makes it incredibly difficult to love our bodies and constantly pits body shapes and types against each other. Glorifying some and ridiculing others. This is and always will be a reality that women have to endure. But some things that will help you to finally see your own beauty and to love yourself as you are no matter where you are on your fitness journey are what I shared in my Love Your Body giveaway video on fb or on ybff instagram.

So my defiant yoga practice in underwear for the sake of pointing out I am o.k. with my body was actually a huge statement about how I am MORE THAN O.K. WITH MY BODY. I have the body I want even if it doesn't match fitness beauty standards and most important I love what my body does for me every single day.

It took me years to accomplish this but you can do it faster with my video and YBFF plan. Be sure to enter the YBFF plan giveaway by mid morning Feb. 15th. I'll announce the winner on social in the evening.

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