losing in the wrong places

by Sabrina
(Calgary )

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click pics to read more captions Ruler and cone body types can not afford to burn all the fat! too much hardcore training = square athletic body with no boobs like upper left pic even rulers and cones can have a sexy booty just takes more customizing of workouts

Hi there! My problem is I find with my workouts I tend to lose in the areas I want to keep!
so my boobs and my butt go :-/ what can I do to keep my butt even make it more bubbly and wider keep my hips and my boobs but shrink my upper body(arms, back,waist) and also my legs I find I tend to build allot in my quads :( lol I'm not sure if that's unrealistic but I though I'd ask
Thank you for your time!!!

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Oct 25, 2013
top reasons women don't get the booty or body then want
by: monica

The most common reasons for losing in the wrong places are:

wrong workouts for your body type and your booty type
too much high intensity interval training also known as metabolic training or fatloss workouts
not enough of the right type of total body training, upper body training and corset core training
too much restriction of carbs or calories or fats
not enough waist slimming foods like dark leafy greens, colorful veggies, fruits, healthy grains and healthy fats
too much weight loss and fat loss too fast and not enough lean muscle building in the booty area

See the problem with most workouts out there is they tend to cater to hourglass figure body types and triangle body types who carry a lot of their weight in the hips and butt or all over. Those women can afford to go nuts with the high intensity fatloss workouts because they don't have trouble maintaining or building lean muscle in the lower body so they can afford to go crazy with hiit cardio and lunge jumps and heavy leg training that burns off ALL the excess bodyfat fast and carves out nice curves that are already there to begin with.

But if you are a ruler body type or a cone body type (it sounds like you're a cone) then you don't have curves to start with so you can not afford to just be doing random HIIT workouts that build a bunch of leg/arm/core bulk and burn off ALL your bodyfat fast (that type of training = athletic boy body).

You need to commit to a long term workout plan that will allow you to build muscle in the booty area as you slowly lean out the arms and core at a steady pace. It took me 3-4 months to lose the bulk in my thighs arms and core while build a rounder butt.

I was cycling back and forth between 2 workout plans and paying close attention to how my body was responding and making adjustments as I went to make sure I was getting the results I wanted. This takes a bit of customizing of workouts which I teach women how to do in all my workout plans.

There are thousands of exercises you can do and they are all great but some body types need more of some exercises and workouts than others and that is really the secret to getting exactly the body you want.

All the exercises in the video here are great for sculpting a sexy booty but how much you need of each of these depends on your booty and body type and whether your main goal is to burn total body fat or bubble and perk or lift and firm or tighten and narrow or widen and enhance your booty.

So I highly recommend that you not waste time with random workouts and get busy with a good booty building plan that you can customize to your unique booty shape and goal like Love Your Booty. Takes more effort than just following random free workouts online but the results are worth it and they last!

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