Best Ab Exercises to Lose Fat On Stomach
& Get Coregeous!

You've probably heard all those silly meat head trainers say there's no such thing as spot toning and spot reducing, or saying that it's not possible to lose fat from specific areas of the body. Well the truth is they're only partly correct.

The best exercises to burn stomach fat, get flat abs fast, and carve out a sexy core are the exercises and workouts that most trainers have never tried. These exercise not only burn stomach fat and fat from other areas of your body, they also help you sculpt flat abs and a smaller waist by strengthening ALL your ab muscles, improving your posture, and reducing stress too.

The 5 Flat Abs Exercises To Do To Lose Fat On Stomach Faster

Reverse Getup with or without a medicine ball is a combination between a squat and a decline crunch and is a great way to burn ab fat and improve spinal alignment for better posture and flat abs faster.

The key to this exercise is to squat as far down as you can then gently roll back and fully extend the legs and arms or keep weight over chest if you have shoulder issues.  The legs to the side to get up is a modification.  Only do this if sitting up into squat from laying is not possible.

Check out my flat abs exercises article for workouts that include this move.  Struggling with stomach fat?  Get started with Bodycon Female Fitness rapid fatloss workout plan and start seeing results this week!

Modified Rollup is a great pilates abdominal exercise that strengthens the neck flexors, rectus abdominis, and hip flexors. It also improves TVA stability. When you strengthen the entire flexor chain you improve spinal alignment which allows your abs to lay flatter and not look so poochy.  Training the full flexor chain also eliminates poochy lower abs.

The trick with this exercise is to hollow out the abs as you roll up and allow your spine to flex forward. Place the hands behind the legs for assistance getting all the way up. If you don't need an assist keep hands by your sides.

Wild Thing is a yoga pose that is a combination between a side plank and a single arm backbend and it works because it strengthens your entire core but also because yoga reduces fat storing hormones.

To get the most out of this exercise be sure to expand form the ribcage and the upper back while keeping the deep abs contracted for support .

This is counter intuitive since most people tend to suck in their stomach for support but the contraction should feel like it's coming from the pelvic area of your abs or what is referred to in Pilates as the t-zone (transversus abdominis).

Alternating Plank Knee Twists is a fun dance move that is similar to plan knee-ins except you twist the knee to towards the opposite arm which creates a ton of instability so your deep abs have to work extra hard to stabilize you (keep you from falling on your face).

This exercise is great for building core stability and it works to flatten the abs by strengthening your TVA and your entire upper body and hip flexors too.  It's also a full body exercise that burns tons of fat and calories and strengthens your upper body too.  Advanced planks will help you lose fat on stomach quickly without having to spend hours in the gym.

Crescent Pose Flow is basically a plank to a deep lunge that burns a ton of fat and calories while conditioning your entire body. This move strengthens your entire core (ab, back, shoulders, plus hips and glutes too).

The most important tip with this exercise is to breathe and to flow through it at your own pace. If the entire flow is too difficult you can simply take out the 1 leg downdog and just flow from plank to crescent then back to plank then to crescent on the opposite leg and just keep going back and forth.

Focus on using your deep abs to transition between poses and really allow your upper abs to stretch when you reach your arms up.

Lose Fat On Stomach, Flat Abs, Strong Core, Yogilates Flow

Check out the video here to see how I would combine the five exercises above into a fat burning yogilates flow for flat abs and a strong core.

Instead of counting reps I would just set a timer for 8 min. and repeat the flow continuously for that amount of time making sure to focus on excellent technique and proper breathing.

This is a great way to build endurance, burn fat, burn calories, strengthen your core, legs, and arms plus the repetitive motion has a meditative quality that also reduces stress.

3 More Lose Fat On Stomach Tips That Work for Real Women

  1. Eat real food not diet food and make sure to eat clean healthy foods 80% of the time and cheat foods only 20% of the time. You can also try a 90/10 ratio if you need to lose the ab fat faster. See slideshow for examples.
  2. Eat 3-4 small meals per day not 6 times a day like bodybuilders who are putting on muscle mass. Eating 6 meals a day has not been found to increase metabolism or fat loss or weight loss.
  3. Eat right for your metabolic type. Eating the wrong foods for your metabolic type is one of the main causes of stubborn belly fat, low energy levels and lack of motivation for exercise and a healthy lifestyle too. Metabolic typing is probably one of the easiest ways to lose fat on stomach fast!