Top 3 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Naturally & Makeover Your Abs + 6 Body Makeover Tips

You don't need deprivation diets, hormone supplements and extreme workouts to lose belly fat naturally.   All it takes to makeover your abs and your waist is the right combination of exercises for your current fitness level plus 6 simple healthy habits that you can focus on daily for the rest of your life.  Getting your best abs ever isn't as hard as you've been made to believe.  Just get started with the 9 exercises and the body makeover week 2 challenge. 

Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

cardio intervals - chair step up with fan kick, lunge kicks to front or side, chair squat jumps

dynamic planks - swinging plank, plank hops, alternating 3 pt. tabletop

total body flexion/extension - gliding disc pike to updog, downdog knee-in kickback, medicine ball getup rollover

Check out the video for examples of great lose belly fat naturally exercises then pick a few and add them to your circuit workouts or combine your favorites into any type of circuit you like.  Need a rapid fatloss plan?  Be sure to get started with bodycon female fitness plan.

Lose Belly Fat Naturally Tips & Body Makeover Challenge week 2

Eat adequate portions of real clean healthy foods.  Instead of focusing on what you can't or shouldn't eat like most torture diets recommend, be sure to focus on adequate portions of what you should be eating.  So instead of "cutting fat" "eliminating carbs" "avoiding this or that" and all that other deprivation nonsense you hear everywhere focus on foods you CAN eat for a lean toned body.  Focus on making eating healthy fun and exciting instead of a chore.  Discover the joy of making healthy meals for your body.  Here's a quick list of healthy foods to eat to help you get started.

Include MORE veggies in all your meals.  Hopefully  you had a chance to incorporate the week 1 challenge of adding more dark leafy greens to your meals.  If you didn't you can focus on that this week but if you did then this week you can focus on adding other types of veggies to all your meals.  Veggies of all types are  nutrient dense and low calories which means you'll feel full and eat fewer calories effortlessly which is key to a lean toned body.

Make exercise fun and interesting for your body.  There is no reason whatsoever that your fitness routine or workout plan or exercise choices need to be boring or torturous.  You will get better results from your workouts when you figure out a way to challenge your body in a way that is enjoyable to you.  I do that by watching musicals then incorporating the dance movement patterns into my workouts.  That's just one example.  There are many ways to do this.  You just need to be creative : )

Reduce cortisol levels in a way that appeals to you.  Remember that high stress levels = fat storing hormones that keep you from achieving that lean toned look while low stress levels = low cortisol levels and better lose belly fat naturally results.  Any stress reduction activity works as long as it helps you relax, restore, and rejuvenate your.  Be kind to your body and it will reward you with amazing health and fitness results.

Think positive thoughts about your body and your goals.  No more beating yourself up about your bad habits and your body and any other mistakes you may have made in the past that kept you from achieving your best body ever.  What matters now is what you're doing today  and tomorrow and the day after that.  Transcend that old you and focus on the new better you every day.  

Set up a fitness incentive plan that keeps you motivated.   Even if you have been a motivated exerciser for life you need to reward yourself for sticking with your healthy habits and workout plans.  Humans are motivated by their need to maximize pleasure (not by pain like you hear from all those hardcore exercise types) so find your intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

My two motivators for the next 6 weeks are strength for more advanced yoga poses (internal motivation) and a new pair of heels that I plan on wearing with a sexy Valentine's Day date outfit (external motivation).