Loose skin and weight loss goal part II

Monica - thank you so much for your thoughtful and quick reply. Of course I'll send some pics (I've chopped off my face so if you want to post them you can - hopefully it will help others.) As you can see, I carry my fat around my middle and this is the last 10 to 15 I want to lose. I will follow all of your guidance in your previous reply. (It will be good for me to focus on more strength and flexibility for awhile as my job requires climbing a 100foot ladder several times a day and right now that climb combined with fatloss bodycon workouts seems to be tweaking some injuries.)

I've also recently purchased your hourglass ebook and will be perusing that for some more workout ideas.

Thanks again -- I can't say it enough. I am happy with where my body is now, but I know that I want to improve. I am 42 and sometimes hear that voice saying "ahhh..this is good enough for FORTY TWO." I know I can do more and I know that I want more. Your encouragement is heartening.

Thank you!!


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