loose skin and goal weight tips

Hi Monica,

First of all, my thanks for having such effective and affordable workout plans for us gals! I gave up on fitness time and again due to odd injuries - and you address all of them: dysfunctional glutes, abs and even shoulder mobility. You are awesome!

In the last year and a bit I have lost 50 pounds. (The last 20lbs came off with the bodycon plan.) I am 5ft 3.5 inches (that 1/2 inch counts!:) and 145 pounds. I would like to drop another 10 pounds or so but I am hesitating because when the last 10 pounds came off I noticed loose skin on my breasts and a tiny bit on my stomach. I'm nervous that more weight loss will equal more loose skin, but my body definitely wants to drop more weight (I am loosy goosey on my goal weight - waiting to see where my body feels best). If it helps - I am a ruler...with boobs - tee hee :). (My boobs have shrunk from a DD to a C).

Any advice for tightening up skin in these areas?



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weight loss and loose skin
by: monica

Hi Jo, Thanks so much for posting your story. I'm so proud of you for focusing on what you needed to do to get your body injury free so that you could burn all that fat off with bodycon! You've worked so hard and should be feeling pretty awesome and yes I agree that 1/2 inch of height counts. I'm 5'3 and 3/4" and I'm always saying that to people ha ha.

So where you are right now is a really a good place and maybe what you need is to just main that for a while If you've found a frequency of metcon and a way of eating that keeps you were you are easily then maybe staying there for 6-12 months is a good thing.

When I lost most of my baby weight I wanted to keep losing but my body wasn't having it and now looking back on it I think that may have worked in my favor because I was seeing some loose skin too. If I had continued losing chances are I would've ended up with saggy abs and saggy boobs as well. So hitting that plateau wasn't as horrible as I thought at the time.

Another thing to consider is maybe losing at a much slower pace than you have been like 10 pounds in 5-6 months might actually be a good thing for you at this point. Slow weight loss is a good thing sometimes because it allows you to really adjust your routine in ways that will get you exactly the result you want.

The one thing I will tell you that really tightened up MY skin a lot was eating mostly organic food and also decreasing the metcon days big time and focusing a lot more on lower body training including heavier lower body dumbbell sandbell trx training.

Another thing you can do is just cut the metcon all together (oooh scary right) and see what happens. I did this a while back and it was the best decision ever but you may not be there just yet. This is just an option that you may want to consider because if you are a true ruler then you will eventually be able to focus on 2 high intensity lower body circuits per week 1 heavy lower body circuit per week 1 upper body/core with moderate weight and two moderate cardio workouts (like walking or dancing).

I did this most of 2013 and part of 2014 and my abs were the most tight and toned they had been in ages plus my boobs were looking pretty good for somebody who isn't well endowed up there.

After about a year of that I noticed that my body was starting to need different things so I started mixing it up a lot more especially once I started performing again so I'm having to adjust things monthly sometimes weekly but you won't get to that place for a while longer and by then you'll have a better grasp of how your body responds and will be able to adjust your routine easily.

If you are willing to send me pics (just make a new post and include them there and I don't need to publish them if you don't want me to) then I may be able to give you more specific advice based on current body shape. I hope what I shared was helpful and again great job on the weight loss and your fitness level too!!!

boost your bust
by: monica

Totally forgot to post my boost your bust workout for you. Have you tried it? This could be a good replacement for 1 bodycon circuit and if you add some rows plus a quick hourglass core circuit like the one I just sent to subscribers this week, that would be a great upper body/core day then you would hit the legs and booty hard the rest of the week which is what gets rulers tight toned abs and killer booty & legs while still maintaining nice chest :)

Lots of options for you but don't worry. If you just take your time and do what your body needs most right now you WILL get the frequency of type of circuit right and get the result you're after. You've already accomplished so much and you can keep getting better!!

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