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by Michelle Bradbury
(Spokane Washington )

I have received (and began using) the eBook, and I would like to watch the videos, but don't have the password. Let me know if I need to provide you with more information, thanks, Michelle Bradbury

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videos for circuits
by: Monica

Hi Michelle

The videos for all the plans you purchased are all linked in the ebooks so all you have to do is click the links to watch them. No password is required for any of those plans right now and the links are usually under the title of the circuit or under the title in exercise descriptions for each circuit.

The links will take you to a page on the site featuring that video or may take you directly to private youtube videos. If you end up on the site there may be other videos on those pages so you may have to scroll down a bit until you see the video which is usually the same name as the circuit in the ebook.

If the links won't open on your browser for some odd reason then I also included the urls so you can copy paste those into your browser.

Some of the videos just have music and feature various circuits with multiple exercise variations while others include pictures, exercise variations plus tips.

None of my videos (except sexy workouts I send out to subscribers from time to time) are really for following along but if any video is at regular speed feel free to mute it, play your own music and follow along at your level.

In case anybody else comes across this question and is wondering about video length... I did consider filming full length videos for every single circuit and plan but that would have tripled the price of every fitness plan I offer and I didn't feel that was necessary since quick videos show you everything and allow you to work at your own pace with your own music etc.

Thanks for posting your question here and be sure to subscribe to YBFF news for access to private workouts, free ebooks, and more.

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